the sunshine award

August 21, 2014

I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Sunshine award by Eli, a blogger from Spain. It's always lovely to be nominated for these sort of things, so thank you! I'm going to post the slimmed down version of the tag here, because I have a tendency to ramble far too much and I'm sure nobody wants to see yet another list of what to do when you're tagged. Here are the questions that Eli asked me:
Recommend a good book? The last book I finished was called Hack, by Graham Johnson which I really enjoyed. It was rather enlightening, which I like in a story, because then I feel as though I've achieved something.
Favourite vacation destination? My favourite holidays were in Mallorca and Disneyland, though Disney is so magical as an actual place, I mean a beach is a beach right?
Do you speak a foreign language? I speak rather broken Spanish as I was forced to endure four years of it in school, otherwise no. I have been taught a couple of profanities in various languages mind!
Winter or summer? I prefer summer due to the amount of clothes you can wear and show off, winter clothes are usually enclosed by a heavy coat which makes you look even larger, isn't that great.
Do you have any pets? I've never had any, no.
Favourite pastime? I've always liked listening to music though writing was always my passion, even as a little girl I created books and supposedly deep, meaningful songs.
Cinema or DVD at home? It has to be a cinema, unless I just don't get round to watching the movie.
Popcorn, sweet or salted? Salted, you see I'm already an Aussie, all I need now is the hair care range.
DIY or buy? A mix of the both, I suppose it depends what it is.
Would you spend 400 pounds/dollars/euros in a pair of shoes instead of buying a new oven when yours has broken down? I would spend 400 pounds as that's worth more than dollars and euros... but on an oven. I'm not a fan of expensive shoes so they'd mean nothing to me anyway.
Glitter, yay or nay? Yay, in the right situations. Like at festivals. Or at college. (maybe not)
My eleven fun facts are below, in a sarcastic form as ever:
I don't like too much countryside | I live in the countryside | Ribena is disgusting | As is chilli con carne, I mean it's bleugh worthy | Girls Aloud were my childhood heros | I was nearly in a flash mob advert until I ran away | Little Mix follow me on my personal Twitter | Cheryl Cole told me I couldn't spell properly and that I shouldn't hate her for pointing the mistake out | I've never seen an episode of Friends | I've had a website since the age of nine | I'm a dumb blonde unnaturally
I would like to tag Jemma, Lily, Aly, Jess, Niamh and Hollie. I think it would be fab if you could also answer the questions I did so we can do a little comparing afterwards, and if you don't understand what to do (but I'm sure you will) the full explanation is here on Eli's blog.

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  1. This is a lovely post Olivia!
    It was really interesting too.

    Mollie, xo \ The Fashion Of Craft

    1. Thank you so much Mollie!😍 xxx


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