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August 14, 2014

In college, we had a task of visiting a seaside town to take photos for one of our coursework assignments and Whitby, on the east coast of England was the place we chose to go. These pictures are the product of that day, left unedited to show the glory of being 'basic' and that life doesn't always need to be edited - all the while having been taken on an eight megapixel camera from a less than high end phone - and to me, I can't see one glaringly obvious thing wrong with them. Yes, they're not as bright as they potentially could be, but when Whitby is sunny I can go back and retake them, but lets face facts, I probably won't be going back. Why may you ask? My job was to take photos, and I did. I took photos of something real, something that I captured with my own eyes as well as with my camera. Imagine if I had edited the cars out of the fourth picture to make it more visually appealing using Photoshop's very own healing brush - maybe you'd visit Whitby and expect no cars to be there when you pass the same viewing point I did because of the view you saw in my picture. Except there would be cars there, and chances are you wouldn't even recognise the location as it would have been edited to smithereens until there was only the bare corpse of reality left.
I suppose you can liken the unedited view of Whitby (or Whit-beh to the locals) to the unedited males and females in magazine campaigns who we all make a fuss over because they look so different in the flesh. When we see the pictures of Cheryl and Britney in the album campaign shoots, we moan as their toned airbrushed bodies are paraded past us on buses around the country: "why can't you show us their cellulite" "why on earth has she got three fingers, were her other two not pretty enough" - this did happen in an advert for The Saturdays by the way - but nobody seems to care when beauty spots are edited to become even more beautiful, I mean were they not good enough in the first place either? Cheryl is obviously hot, I mean she's won so many awards for her body but marketing directors still feel the need to make her look even hotter through airbrushing - it's like that for locations. How many times do you see pictures of seaside towns without a speck of cloud in the sky? How many pictures are without a seagull, or for that matter, seagull poo? I don't think I've ever visited a seaside town without one of the pesky things lurching round me for a vinegar soaked potato chunk. You don't see that on 'Welcome to Yorkshire' and if the official tourism board isn't real, well I don't know what is.
If this post is forgotten about, then so be it. It would be fab if it made you think, and I would really appreciate your comments in the box below. Leave your links too and I'll be sure to check you out.  
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