A week of life lessons.

September 26, 2014

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"It's better to try and fail and get back up than to be to scared to ever give it a go."
-Lore from The Sunday Blah

A young girl named Lore left probably one of the most inspirational comments on my blog post 'Change' that I've ever seen, and you can see it above. I was a little bit dumbfounded to find out from my stats that so many people seem to care about the words that escape my head, and for that I'm eternally grateful. When I'm feeling down, all I have to do is link up my brain to this part of the web and to the inspiring blogging community, and let all my pent up emotions out onto a page, which I think is a rather beautiful concept and not something that millions of people across the universe will ever have access to. Where else do I have the opportunity to speak out about my feelings, if not here? 

These past few days have leaped along with no true meaning, and I know that over the past four days I have ceased to exist as somebody with purpose and have just been here to fill in the space in the canteen seats. Except these four days have taught me some ridiculously important life lessons which will stay with me forever. 

Life is here for the taking. In this form, my life will last an average of one hundred years, 36,500 days and I intend to take advantage of every single minute of it. There is a gif floating round Tumblr at the moment which says 'why jog when you can blog' - but why can't I jog and blog? I need to take advantage of every happiness tinged second until my dreams come true and my eyes ache through bewilderment at the ever changing life I am setting for myself.

Don't attempt to please every living being. Sometimes you have to be yourself and punch though life as it was a scene in the movie Taken, if a undistinguishable person threatened to compromise your entire identity, would you let them in a mad attempt to curbe their anger or sadness? No, you'd push past them to save yourself. 

Eat clean, eat mean, eat happy. Don't worry about the niggling calorie obsessed brain cells which want to push you into being a self hating magnet of unhappy thoughts. Yes, a bottle of Cola is not good for you, but then in theory an apple is as bad as the acid can take hold of your teeth and lead you to the dentists chair. Eat happy, eat mean, don't worry but stay sane and eat clean. 200 chicken wings in a week will not enable you to fly, but restricting yourself to one grape a day won't make you feel any better.

Accept help, even if you don't think you need it. I need to remember to ask for help, even if my mind is telling me that this constitutes failure and is letting other people win and take advantage. 

There's no 'I' in the word team. Alas, there is an 'I' in failure and without working together with the many different personalities you meet, your life will never be as full as it could potentially be. And this is what true failure is.
Feedback, as always would be much appreciated.
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