luxurious velvet

September 09, 2014

velvet dress = ark | socks = primark | shoes = fred perry
earrings = river island | sunglasses = cosmopolitan magazine | bracelets = republic, h&m, from a holiday
This dress was the product of a shopping trip with Gemma, where we bought cringey photos from our old Samsung phones, got shoved around in Mcdonalds by staff and customers alike and danced in the car to Busted and the song from the Robinsons squash advert - it's called Come Alive btw. I'm wearing the dress on yet another shopping trip which my bank balance didn't thank me for (oops) but it's fine, pay day has just been and surely it'll keep me going for at least part of the month!? The bracelets in the photo have finally given in to the curse of the rust and they've gone rather disgusting which is sad but it's given me yet another excuse -  there's a Primark haul being scheduled for a couple of weeks away, that's all I'm going to say...
It's my friends' eighteenth tomorrow and I'm ridiculously confused and scared in equal portions about it, I can't begin to fathom that we can now drink alcohol legally and officially vote for who we want to run our country. After having eighteen years to develop our own opinions, we are being released into the wild by the constraints government after government have put against us, we can now decide where we want to live by ourselves, the race to leave compulsory education is fast approaching and I can't believe how fast we have all grown up. I remember our thirteenth birthdays. In two years time we'll have finished our teen years. Wow. Do any of you have the feeling of not being able to stop because we're just growing and growing without taking a moment to stop and think about life?

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