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September 16, 2014

Hair care is the one thing that I don't mind spending a lot of money on in the beauty world, but sometimes some of the best things in life are ridiculously cheap which I found with some of the products featured below. Here's my favourite hair care products of the past few months:

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo: This is my favourite shampoo in the whole wide world, though I think recently they've changed the formulation which is a little naff, but if the reports I've read are wrong I'd wholly recommend you pick a couple of bottles up before they do, it's got the perfect scent of fresh fruits mixed with peaches and pazazz and is has a no build up formula which is something you don't really see in other cheaper alternatives so it doesn't leave you with that disgusting greasy feeling after a while. The description box says it has long worded things such as 'panthanol and phytantriol' in which are meant to strengthen your hair and to be fair, I haven't noticed it much but that may be because I'm a serial back comber who has problems. Yay.

Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil and Replenishing Hair Mask:* I was sent these products for review and they've quickly become a part of my daily routine, when the hair mask is applied and left for half an hour (I don't think this is what the instructions say but I find it works for me) my hair is left feeling soft and somewhat refreshed, it doesn't feel as lank and limp as normal which is beautiful. I've only used the actual Argan Oil a couple of times and it's become a firm favourite in a matter of weeks, to me this shows how good the product is at doing its job and even though the two Argan Dew products are rather expensive to actually buy (it's $44 for the replenishing hair mask) I think for a very special occasion it'd be worth it, and I could always ask my mamma for it.

Batise Dry Shampoo Tropical Coconut and Exotic: After seeing the recent advertisements with Pixie Lott, I thought I'd give Batise a try. It's a tragedy I've never tried it before really, I stuck to student friendly bargain versions from Superdrug for such a long time and it's something that I kind of regret now I've tried the Batise version. The smell integrates well with my shampoo which is always a good thing and I can still smell the coconut hours after applying. Yay. Also, there's no white gunk left on my hair after brushing, ain't that fabulous. #amazeballs

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