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September 21, 2014

nail polishes in the shades 'lilac dream' and 'blooming pink'
At £5 a shot, I used to think that the nail polishes from Models Own were a little bit on the pricier side, especially with my rather dismally looking budget, even though they were nowhere near the rather ridiculous prices of Essie and the slightly better Revlon. That was until last Friday when during a mini Boots haul I decided to pick these two shades up on a whim, 'lilac dream' and 'blooming pink.' I'll tell you now that I should have picked them up a long time ago. They're fast drying, and by that I mean my nails were bone dry again in a matter of minutes, they're ridiculously opaque and the shine on them is something that I've only ever seen with two lots of clear top coat. To put it bluntly, I flaming love them.
Lilac Dream was the first shade I used, and though the brush was a little too big for my too short nails, I was still able to easily apply the polish without making too much of a mess. The polish lasted for two days without chipping, though I had only applied one coat in the first place because I was in a rush. The pictures above show what it all looked like just after painting, but if I'd have given the nails a base coat and/or a top coat I'm sure the polish would have lasted four or five days.
Blooming Pink was the second polish to grace my nails, and even though I didn't love the colour as much as I loved the lilac I think it'd be great to wear in a couple of weeks when the nights start coming in earlier and the darker shades come out. I think it'd also look lovely with my Revlon sparkles which I wrote about here at Christmas time as the shine from the polish and the gold Revlon sparkles would look lovely as it'd reflect the lights from the trees. It makes me smile just thinking about it, isn't that sad!?  

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  1. Anonymous21.9.14

    Beautiful! I really need to get some new red nail polish, may have to give models own a go. :) x


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