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September 04, 2014

river island 'black chunky cleated sole t bar' shoes: link 
During yet another shopping trip last week I lost my heart to these beauties, they're from River Island and it's probably one of the first times I've bought a pair of shoes in this style so it's rather scary at the same time. I don't really know what I should call them, so the store definition of 'grunge' is probably the best I can do, because to me they're not proper heels - I couldn't go out on a night in them though they're definitely not flats either.. oh well. I'm usually styling them with a pair of white frilly socks and bare legs as it's September and it should be warmer than it is, but I think they look okay without anything underneath them too.. I think. They'd go really well with my velvet dress which you'll be able to see on Tuesday, which is from Ark along with most of my new shift dresses because they'll make my legs look slightly longer and that's always a plus! They're also pretty comfy, and they've lasted having the remains of a can of Coke poured over them by accident within hours of me buying them so they must have good staying power too.
Also, on the website it points out that the heel height on the shoes is 9.5cm but on closer inspection of my pair it's 7cm at a push, so if you're scared of getting them for the height I'd definitely try and find a pair in the shop to try on as most things online over exaggerate, and no I'm not just talking clothing bought from China *puts head into hands* I would just like to also say that the room the photos are taken in is not my own, I do not own high a pair of bright blue high tops and don't plan on ever (stumpy legs problems) but apart from that these shoes are perfect, even if my Grandma did tell me they were the ugliest things she'd ever seen in all her years. I don't usually post open ended questions, but what do you think of them?
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  1. These are lovely, I have some that are a lot more strappy than these but similar but you could see my little toe so I haven't worn them, these are much lovelier! I'll be keeping an eye out.

    S xo.

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