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September 02, 2014

 dress, ark | bracelets (as usual) republic and h&m | denim jacket, topshop
 It's back to college on Thursday, oh no! *sad faces all round* Due to the new dress code, it looks as though I won't be able to wear this outfit in college anymore so I'm going to wear it to death right now, because obviously a dress with a collar that goes to the base of my neck is no longer conservative enough and I'm obviously asking for it by wearing this dress. Oh Yorkshire, how I don't love you sometimes. I'm going to the theatre tonight to see Rock of Ages which I'm rather excited for because I've never seen a 'proper' stage show before, so this afternoon I think there'll be a little rock out to 'we built this city' and the like in preparation... but here's a little promise that I'm making to the audience: I tell you now I won't be singing, you don't need to be put through that. Honestly, I sound like a trodden on cat when I sing, even Rebecca Black has more talent than moi (remember her!?) My attempt at photography and outfit posts is still as dismal as ever which makes me sad, but all I've got is a borrowed camera and a tripod which was sold to me as a full size one which.. um isn't. It's a desk tripod, nothing more and nothing less. To put it bluntly, if it was nothing else it wouldn't exist. Yaaay. 
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