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September 11, 2014

Bloggers block is something that I have suffered with quite a lot in the past, which is why I have a few posts always ready to schedule in my drafts folder just in case the mind block starts and my creative mindset just won't appear, though as a lot of you refuse to schedule as it sometimes remove the spontaneity and interaction with your readers, here are some little ideas that I've picked up and thought about writing when there's nothing I want to write at all.
Go out somewhere. So you went shopping did you say? What did you buy, where did you go for lunch, who did you go with? Did you talk about anything interesting? Your daily life can be one of the most inspiring things in the world and it is mind boggling about how much content you can squeeze out of one day. If you go somewhere scenic, you can take photos of the landscape and in turn being somewhere different can set off your creative juices, which will prompt new posts. There are even opportunities to do outfit of the day pictures if you're a fashion blogger.
Review some music. Every time I buy a CD, I give it a mini review in my head, it's natural to do that. I decide which tracks I like, and which ones aren't so good. If you have enough opinions on an album, write a post reviewing it! You don't even need to think of what to photograph, the album is all you need. If you haven't bought any albums, use a Spotify playlist and write down your favourites! You can even embed them into blog posts now which is rather snazzy.
Talk about your goals. Every month I write down my goals and dreams, having them written down somewhere helps you achieve them too as it gives you the kick up the bum you'll probably need (is that just me?) Then you can tell your readers whether you've achieved them or not, hey presto there's another blog post!
Go to the movies. How many films have you seen recently? Another thing you could write about is the films you have seen, with a little review by the side. This could help your readers decide whether to part with their money and you have fun reliving the memory of the film! You don't need to take any photos for these kinds of posts either, so get Google on board and find those film posters (remember to always credit the original owner.)
Shop your stash. Have a root through your drawers and see if there is anything there which your readers may be interested in, whether this be some new nail polishes, hair products or even magazines! Magazine reviews are becoming pretty popular at the moment after Becky launched 'Becky Reads Company' last year, why don't you do it too? Of course, you can't write about Company as it's only online now but there's plenty more to choose from.
Hopefully this has helped you a little bit, and remember - never give up! There will always be somebody wanting to hear what you have to say, no matter what it is about *smiles*
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  1. This post has given me so many new post ideas! Thank you so much :)
    - F -

    1. It's okay, it always helps me so there's no reason why I can't pass it on! xo

  2. Great Advice, thank you!!!

    Sophie :)


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