sunday six: melissa from "beautiful little fools"

September 14, 2014

When I was offered the chance to find out more about the lovely Melissa from clothing store Beautiful Little Fools, I couldn't say no. Beautiful Little Fools is an online clothes shop, specially made for the fashion conscious, selling up to date trends mixed in with timeless pieces which could be taken out to wear season after season. My favourites have to be the off the shoulder 'little black dress' along with the 'white laced kimono.' I've never seen anything like it in my life, which is fabulous because you then won't see every man and their dog wearing the same flaming item (Primark, I'm looking at you.) The prices on Beautiful Little Fools are kind to my purse too, with said kimono costing less than fifteen pounds, which is ridiculously cheap baring in mind a kimono in River Island can set you back double. Just going without a drink in Costa for a week can give you enough money to buy most of the items on the site, so you're not even losing anything and you're helping a very special eighteen year old achieve her dream. But enough of my rambles, here's the interview with Melissa where she tells us about cringey phone calls, what to do in personal statement season and why she finally jumped into the world of online retail.
What inspired you to open Beautiful Little Fools and what forced you to go for it?
In the past few years I've bought and sold vintage clothes and sold on ASOS Marketplace; however since the dismissal of 'Wardrobe' sellers I had to take an alternative route in selling. In exchange of upgrading my account on ASOS Marketplace into a boutique I wanted more freedom in selling under my own brand. I researched into potential suppliers and the styles I thought my market would be drawn to alongside designing the brand. I have had an admiration for fashion since I was young, (and of course I've had my faux pas) but I wanted to become an active member of the fashion industry under my own guidance. Thus the development of Beautiful Little Fools.

In five years time, whereabouts do you see yourself and the site?
I want this site to be my career. I've invested countless hours into the development of the site and the brand and so far it's paying off (with much thanks to all those who have supported me) In turn I hope I'd be able to compete with the more established e-commerce fashion businesses.

It's coming up to personal statement writing season, what advice would you give to my readers who are deciding which paths their lives should follow?
Don't let other people influence your decision on what you should do with your life. My parents wanted me to go to university and it seemed the natural path for me to take, being a studious individual; but I was not ready. It took a lot of convincing on my behalf to persuade my parents away from the idea that university is the only method of being successful in your chosen career. Do you what you want to. If you want to travel, learn, start your own business, do it. If it ends up being a mistake at least you have the rest of mind you did want made you happy at that point in your life.

Where did your love for fashion come from and who would you say were your fashion "inspirations"?
My weight has fluctuated from a young age so I was always aware of different clothing shapes and what suited each person's figure and what colours are most flattering. I think that was the beginning of my interest in fashion. As I've grown my style has evolved in correlation to my body shape and the fashions that arise. In the past few years I have always been interested in the likes of Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung; I admire their bold fashion statements with edgy cuts and busy prints; their confidence to embrace their style is inspiration in itself.

Tell me some of the weirdest things that have happened during the set up of Beautiful Little Fools?
I'm not too sure about 'weird things' but I've certainly shown myself as an amateur in the groundings of sourcing the products. I contacted a few established online fashion stores asking advice on the logistics of setting up the business. One retailer recommended a wholesale warehouse local to myself; to clarify the building I asked if it was 'a big grey and pink building'; since that incident I've opted from buying online!

Finally, if you could give my readers three reasons why they should check Beautiful Little Fools out, what would they be?
1) The fashions drift away from the fickle fashions many established retailers sell; alongside selling up to date fashions I also ensure the website offers more timeless fashions and wardrobe essentials.
2)It's a new and upcoming website, offering different products to my competitors of which I offer personalised services: with each product bought I will always send a hand written letter thanking for the support and a unique charm bracelet. (Olivia note: this is so damn cute!)
3) The brand is entirely designed by myself; I have designed the brand around the target market which shares many similarities with myself: both price and fashion conscious which are qualities I have heavily embedded in the promotion of the site.

So there you have it! If you want to find out more information about Beautiful Little Fools, check out the website and Melissa's Twitter here. I've also been given a discount code for y'all to use (yay!) so if you'd like 20% off Beautiful Little Fools, just use the code '14' at the checkout. Now you need to give up even fewer Costa coffees to afford that beautiful kimono! *iPhone love eyes emoji face*
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  1. This looks like such a cute website! I will have to check it out :)
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  2. Such cute clothing will have to check out their website xx




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