This fortnight #1

September 28, 2014

I feel as though more personal posts are the way forward, as I love sharing my mind and thoughts with you all and according to the heartwarming tweets and emails I've had from some of you, it seems you like them too (yay!) As some of my previous posts have suggested, these past couple of weeks have been the weirdest yet most fulfilling in a long time, but at the same time I have done so much which I'd like to share with you all. So here's what my mind has been occupied by in the past fortnight, I guess.

Read: I've finally made time to read the new, though now old Company magazine which appeared in my 'to read' pile over three weeks ago. I haven't yet worked out how to feel as it is mind boggling how a thriving business could potentially crash and burn under the guidance of one decision. I'm sure online only will become a phenomenon in the coming years yet my heart still lies with paper, but I know for a fact that the future is shaky for the written word (blog post on the issue coming soon) and that the weekly glossies will be the next to fall to the monster that is the internet and free to view pdf files.

Watched: Recently I've only wanted to engross myself in mind numbing soap operas and Youtube spoofs when not working and they're probably not the most interesting things for you to hear about. None the less, I'm hating the current storylines on Coronation Street as it's too far fetched and there's no comedy in it anymore, if I wanted to feel miserable and boring I'd watch Eastenders. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a spoof trailer for The Fault in Our Stars by some YT sensations called 'Honest Trailers (link here) and it's probably the funniest thing I've seen during these past couple of weeks, I see exactly where the creaters are coming from and how, when you think about it, the story is so fluffed up and over the top yet so emotionally modern.

Listened to: I've been addicted to several of the Marina & The Diamonds demo pieces, notably the demo of Supermodels Legs and This is LA, which are both very tongue in cheek about the fashion and style world, I'm also loving the instrumentals of the Electra Heart album (especially Living Dead, which has the most amazing beat) - the main reason I like Marina is due to the fact that she dreams of a better world and sings about strong feelings in a sarcastic yet metaphorical way, which you don't usually find in modern chart music. 

Discovered: Discovered is a much more general title, but here are some of the things that have caught my eye, and either made me smile or feel inspired or intrigued in the past week:
The Zoella beauty range is rather stunning. I have a feeling my card will accept a payment for a guinea pig make up bag in the coming weeks, though the candle looks like it may drop into my basket too... it's a good job I've accepted a few more hours at work!
Scarphelia's latest post entitled 'When you fight for your dream and win' gave me some determination to succeed, funnily enough I read the post minutes after it was published at half past one in the morning (perks of falling asleep feeling unwell in the early evening I guess.)
Zoe London's post named 'Is there such a thing as too much blogging advice?' was an eye opener, I started to judge what my own opinions were on the subject, it forced to evaluate what readers actually want, and what I, as a reader want from a blog. Yes, I do like advice, but teaching me how to write a post and how to add headings is pretty self explanatory and if it isn't, there's countless guides on Google and if there were any more, the search button would be bursting with identical stories, which isn't what our blogs were for. We are here to be individuals and not mindless drones spouting off about pressing extra large on the Blogger photo setting and using schedules to our advantage.  

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  1. This was a lovely post to read :)
    I think I'll be picking up some zoella beauty products too!
    - F -

    1. Thank you so much! I'm going to buy some and write a couple of reviews over the coming weeks xo


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