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October 02, 2014

-beautiful bikes that made me smile on sunday-

 Fuurin nominated me for the Liebster Award a couple of weeks ago while I was having a mind block but to be nominated again is mind blowingly fabulous and it scares me yet enthralls me in equal measures that faceless users are interested in what I have to say. As I'm sure you know the slightly over the top and mind numbing rules for this award by now, I'll jump straight in and answer anything you may want to know. If you have never read or seen a Liebster Award before, the rules can be found on Fuurin's blog right here.

What are you currently listening to?
My mind has decided that wailing vocals laid on a hotbed of deep beats is the cure to my happiness and therefore the last twenty songs played into my headphones were by Marina Diamondis, most commonly known as Marina and the Diamonds. 

Is there anywhere else you'd rather be right now?
I'm currently sat in a sweaty, tuna smell tinged sixth form library, so anywhere apart from here would be beautiful. A beach in Florida is the dream, yet the reality is probably a rainy town centre and a hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows and proper cream.

What has been your favourite blog post that you've written to date?
 I wouldn't like to say I had a favourite post, as so many have meant so much to me for different reasons as this blog is a place for me to journal my life and thoughts, and without this place on the net my head may have frazzled into smithereens and my hope for the future will have vanished into thin air like I wasn't worth existing anymore. I say this, yet I am very proud of this post here from my old blog and I feel as though it was the start of a chapter for me, and this here is the punch line.

Tell me what you're reading.
I barely read anymore, sigh. The only things I read continuously are blogs, which is a little sad in itself and depressing though I'm not ashamed about it. Bloggers create constant streams of new content which helps my brain tick over in this fast, commericalised world and my favourites include Scarphelia, LLYMLRS and Gingerly Pale

Reveal a facet of yourself that you have not mentioned on your blog.
 My favourite nail polish shade used to be Ameretto Crush and I'm currently wearing it and hating it now. (read: I only let you guys know things I'm comfortable with you knowing.)

Favourite visual?
 This poster from Keep It Bright which takes pride of place next to my bed. 

Close your eyes and think of a room. That room is yourself. How does it look?
This is deeper than the sea and I don't know whether my mind can fathom an answer. The only image that comes into my head is a building site converting an old, run down shack into an open plan space which will be sold on the London property market for millions. I guess this is deep too.  

What made you smile today?
 Insignificant rambles from my friends which were too insignificant to even remember Supposedly this is the beauty of life and surely without these insignificant moments your life would be incredibly boring as every second would include a drama.

A quote you live by.
 "Be a bad ass bitch from hell so nobody can fuck with you." 
Nicola Roberts actually commented on the Instagram photo which included this quote on my account, which gives it an added meaning and increases the strength of it in my brain I guess. 

The most recent thing that has changed you.
Realising that I can achieve and be whoever I want to be. So many people that I thought I knew personally do not matter at all anymore and should never have mattered in the first place. If this is the only life lesson I take from this year, I've made the right decision as I am not a pushover and realising this has opened my eyes to a new beginning. 

I nominate anybody who wishes to complete this tag.
 I always reply to blog comments and tweets.
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