This fortnight I #2

October 12, 2014

Look at me, reaching number two in a series, is this a miracle or am I dreaming? As always, this fortnight has been a bit of a whirlwind where I've consumed copious amounts of Coca Cola, (diet of course) eaten three pizzas and finally accepted that to move forward in life there is a stampede of thoughts that need to be put to bed and I feel as though I am now on my way to achieving something. Fashion wise, my looks have been slightly boring and comfortable as the new dress code in college is suffocating my attempt to look half awake and half decent but hopefully it'll pick up and the teachers will forget about it next month, it seems to be that my school spend more time gravitating towards hating you rather than teaching but the inner optimist tells me that this could be for my own good. Alas, I'm going to see The Ordinary Boys next month which I'm rather excited for so expect to see some happiness infused tweets over the coming weeks as I prepare for my first mosh pit experience.

Read: I've mentioned before that my brain is not allowing me to hold concentration enough to read a whole book, yet there are many articles I've read and become engrossed in the past fortnight, like this Nadine Coyle article for the Daily Mail (though I hate to say it, she is my gal) - hearing somebody you've admired and looked up to over eleven tiresome years speak about their hopes and dreams being crushed as if they were crumbling through a mechanical rubbish bin is something I hoped to never hear, yet I somewhat understand where Cheryl and co are coming from. (sad faces all around)  

Watched: This fortnight has taught me to never go on Youtube when there is something pressing that needs to be completed. Lily's Youtube videos have provided me with hours of laughter while teaching me to believe in myself and trust my own struggles, though these fantastic hours have prevented me from finishing coursework and exam prep - yet which would I rather be doing, working or understanding what I'm working for?  

Listened to: The Ordinary Boys' albums have provided a constant soundtrack to a quiet, sweat infested library as the drums and guitar beats ram through my soul and into my heart, and for that I'm grateful. I also discovered that Cheryl Cole's track 'Happy Hour' was also recorded by the superstar which is Rihanna; hearing two dramatically different voices overlapping and complimenting each other while still holding their own is something that I didn't expect to hear from the duo and it made my mind smile a little on a rain dampened Monday morning.

Discovered: I discovered a video early last week named 'Shit Beauty Bloggers / Gurus Say' which was narrated by Zoe London, the rather beautiful yet eccentric blue haired babe from London which opened my mind to the hilarity of the blogging world and also prompted me to write the 'Am I A Bad Blogger' post which you can read here. It saddened me while making me laugh as the real impact of the online world suddenly hit me with brute force - our self worth and idealisms are based on people who write about foreign substances while daintily mentioning posh synonyms like they are going out of fashion. 

Please give me feedback on whether you like these types of posts as I love to share my life and my rather perplexing thoughts with you. 
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