Yearning To Write #Project365

October 18, 2014

Never let anybody tell you what to do. Nobody.
The time I spend lavishly writing my thoughts and displaced dreams on this blog is my own time, it is nobody else's and for that reason alone I should be allowed to partake in this adventurous life inspiring moment and write my hopes and what I want on Olivia Curls. Nobody can ever take this away from me and I will make sure of that every single day until blogging and passion fizzle out like an unexpected chemical induced bang.
A week spent away was spent writing essays, downing shots and smiling (or grimacing) in a need to be productive and I'd love to say that these past seven days have been fabulous. My days were fun filled while containing various embarrassing anecdotes which will certainly come back round to haunt me over coffee and cupcakes in five years time. But something was missing.
I was yearning to write again and keep writing until my fingertips struggled to a halt through sheer exhaustion and scenarios echoing this thought whirred through my mind until I picked up the laptop this afternoon after a day with the family to let it all out.
I find writing therapeutic and sweet and satisfying, and though the idiots may natter and cut holes through every inch of happiness I've carved up through it, nothing is going to stop me. And with this, I'm going to put my spin on #Project365 and allow my bubbling sense of anticipation for everyday out.
For the next three hundred and sixty five days, in fifty two carefully articulated posts there will be a fifty word story accompanying a picture which signifies the day. Diary writing has never interested me as my lack of perseverance and constant need for perfection irritated me too much while writing a from the heart diary so this somewhat written prose is my alternative. 
 Hope you enjoy it.
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  1. This sounds like such a cool idea!
    - F -


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