A Trip To The National Media Museum

November 04, 2014

 Rain sodden pavements on a typical Yorkshire morning weren't enough to dampen the hyperactive spirits who were pleased to get out of a day involving Business and English (nope, just me?) as we took an overdue yet overextended trip to the National Media Museum in Bradford with school. I expected it to be larger than it was, but wasn't necessarily disappointed at the activities and choice on offer. A day filled with selfies and an archaic episode of Tracy Beaker seemed to keep our smiles tight, and for a free trip out you can't complain.
The museum included so many different artefacts which were fascinating, including the last remaining set from Wallace and Gromit after a devastating fire attacked the building where the rest were kept in the early noughties; it's ridiculous though beautiful to notice how much effort goes into one slight object like a chair but it made me appreciate all of the people behind the scenes who take so much time presenting and creating something for the common people to have as background noise over Christmas time. There were also sets created for the Wombles on show, and it's fascinating how one person has the passion and ability to painstakingly write a newspaper article on a scrap of material no bigger than a memory card, which probably reads as nonsense when shown on the television if it is even noted by the viewer.
Though we were meant to be checking out the animation sections, my heart lied within the photography zone; old SLR's lined up in cages alongside polaroid's from yesteryear and modern times within a whole area littered with compacts and professional video tools. Though most of the cameras were tucked away from prying fingers, the feeling I took away from it was not one of a museum, it felt to me like an oddities store which encouraged the young and old to join in and the feeling I seem to have gathered from the photo room in particular was one that encapsulates the whole building, one of mystery and gathering yet one of preserve and culture. I probably don't make sense here (sorry.)
Downstairs, the ground floor was taken over by floor focus in which every computer from the very first was displayed beneath our feet (a perfect place for a good #fromwhereistand hashtag if I do say so myself) which was rather cute - though I did fear for the safety of the PC's as my heavy footed steps were rattling precariously against the glass and chances are the products beneath me were worth millions - eek!
As it's free to get in, I'd recommend you going if you're in the area but at a push it would only take up two hours of your time, so don't expect to make a day of it. You can find the official website with more information featured here.   
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