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November 06, 2014

My blog has recently become an emporium to my thoughts and dreams and I admit that I love it. In twenty years time when all is left of my childhood is memories, I have this sanctuary on my own part of the world wide web ready to leap back into my subconsciousness, I have a place which is freely accessible where I can read my inner processes like they were buzzing through my brain ten minutes previously. Yet sometimes I read the sidebar of my small and insignificant website and realise that 'fashion' is no longer incorporated into it. Why, may you ask? I just don't have many things to say about it anymore.
I do have an obsession with the industry we find ourselves in, and that's why the seven letter word remains lingering around these parts though stereotypical and materialistic fashion posts are seemingly becoming a thin and uncommon occurance on the blog and I don't know whether I like this. I hope that in the future that renewed trends and aspirations conjure themselves into lovely mini essays and snapshots but for now, this isn't happening.
Alas, the last time my inner synapses burned with excitement over the reduction of my bank balance was with this mini haul. Ark, the store that only Northerners seem to know about suprises me and perplexes me in multiple amounts every time I visit, as their clothes are sincerely hit and miss or more expensive than my debit card will allow. Nonetheless I managed to pick up two beautiful tops, one being a crop which I expect should be paired with a matching short combo in a deep blue colour with mini flowers dotting over the top. I don't do things the way they're meant to be *shakes head at self* but I've teamed it with a high waisted skirt and worn it for college, disobeying every dress code mantra but not caring anyway... oops. The green nature inspired top is also from Ark and though it is a little longer than the crop, I find that it needs to be worn with something high waited also to hide my less than perfected midriff.
The rest of the haul is from Urban Outfitters, with the book entitled 'Social Photography' by Daniela Bowker being my favourite out of the lot. It encompasses every tip and trick I've seen lying round the blogosphere into one neat and concise book, with the chapters set out clearly so I find it easy to flick through to find the bits which take my fancy. I somewhat expected the guide to rattle on about high end paid for applications specifically for IPhone so I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the Android users of the world were nicely taken care of along with those of us who do not have a credit card linked up to the App Store which allows us to spend money on downloads.
My final purchases were a 'Catseye' make up bag which will be travelling with me across the country and the world and a popcorn bucket, as movie nights in are becoming less frequent than they ever were and I would like to reinstate them as a family gathering more often. (It does help that I am a rather big fan of salted popcorn!)
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