Too Brassbound To Talk About It

November 18, 2014

I honestly had no idea what nonsensical title to use for this post as I expect it to be a slightly dysfunctional 'life update' post but the words life update seem boring and repetitive, no? I'm not cool enough or structured enough to write one of these every Sunday either, so I couldn't call it a Sunday Segment or whatever my Bloglovin feed decides is in fashion this week (catty or what!?) Anyway, here's what I've been doing, as I'm not too brassbound to talk about my practical fortnight since I last saw you all, if you're interested in hearing my daily rambles you can follow me under @olivia_curls (blog related) and @xoliviamae (general life) on Twitter and hopefully I'll keep you entertained with selfies and the sort.
001: School found out about the not-so-lovely blog post I wrote about them, which I was happy about as it let them know my feelings while also showing that I had the rather decent capability to stand up for myself, but apart from that nothing came of it and not a single rule has changed, apart from I came in a pair of jeans last Wednesday with a black blazer and they didn't say anything or send me home but then at the same time they were sending others home so unless they're scared of me saying something else? I guess I looked rather smart in black brogues, smart black jeans (they were a different pair) paired with a white shirt and black blazer, it'd be suitable in an office surely?
002: I had an unimaginable sense of determination power through me during the week which I detailed in some rather rambly texts and tweets, I mean me writing two essays in one night!? I think somebody slipped something in my drink as I finished so much work with days to go half the time (hell yes) and I'm finally no longer behind in my lessons, which is a rather large relief.
003: One of my friends celebrated her 18th birthday last weekend so we went for a meal to the local Italian to catch up and celebrate and it was bloody lovely. Some of the girls who were invited I'd not seen since I'd left secondary school and barely seen them when I was even there so it was absolutely amazing to be able to find out what they were doing nowadays and I'd love to do it again sometime soon. Happy belated birthday Vicky!
004: I somehow managed to work three days this weekend which meant by Sunday evening my hair still had a faint smell of popcorn even though I'd washed it every day in between, but salted popcorn is beautiful so I suppose it isn't a bad smell to have haha! I can't wait till the end of the month *wink face*
005: I went for a little Costa catch up with a friend and tried one of the hot chocolates from the Christmas collection, and I admit that I gawped a little when reading the calorie board (I blame Katie from Scarphelia for tweeting about it) but the new black forest version is honestly the nicest thing I've ever tried from there, I'd wholly recommend it and the picture I've uploaded at the top of this post is making me feel rather hungry right now..
006: I cannot wait for this Saturday coming as I'm losing my standing concert virginity by going to see one of my favourite (scrap that, my favourite) punk pop while still sort of mod band, The Ordinary Boys! I wasn't happy when they split up in 2007 after Preston, the lead singer, got married to the blonde airhead Chantelle from Big Brother who then subsequently divorced him and had a baby with Katie Price's ex husband Alex Reid, but what can you do. I love their new song 'Awkward' and though it hasn't lead them down the path I expected them to go down, I'm excited to see what is to happen to them come 2015 when the comeback tour is over..
So that was my life in the past two weeks.. hopefully my blog posts won't be as all over the place and will follow some kind of pattern in the coming weeks but that's all wishful thinking. My college work seems to be driving me crazy and I still have a post to write about a brand where I've been sent quite a few things to review, so I'm feeling guilty about not doing that but it'll all work out fabulous in the end, with this seemingly never ending buzz I've had this week or so maybe the world is my oyster!?
Have a nice week homies xo
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  1. I'm really excited to try the Costa Christmas drinks!
    - F -


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