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December 01, 2014

So.. here we are. The rain is threatening to pour on our glass roof, the clouds are circling above in an action that reminds me of animals surrounding their prey. And it's December. With the 'pinch and punch' ritual aside, and my daily TimeHop images viewed, it was time to face up to facts. This is the last month of the year. 2014 is almost over and with that, another set of gift giving and money sharing awaits. Christmas has always been a somewhat materialistic time in my house and my brain, and I've never existed in a universe as to where my dreams match the sudden reality, but I always keep eternal hope that one of the December 25th moments will be as I imagine them in my sleep. And, to start #Blogmas, I feel as though this is the message I want to put across. Hope. Defying all of the odds to achieve something and make something that others think is not reasonable. Maybe this Christmas will be like the movies, maybe this next 31 days will teach me something unexplainably beautiful that leaves me feeling warm inside as I approach the next January. Blogmas, I'm ready for you. 
The following tag was created by Megan and Emily, who invited bloggers to take part in the #countdowntochristmas movement (there's too many hashtags recently!) which involves two posts a week written on a variety of topics up until Christmas! I thought that these prompts dotted with typical Olivia posts would make a nice change this December.
What's your favourite holiday movie?
This choice always involves funny stares and confused glances, but I can't get enough of Mean Girls during the holiday period, the jingle bell rock scene is something that I believe encompasses Christmas and it's a staple every Christmas Eve in our household. 
What are your favourite Christmas colours?
I didn't think that there were so many colours to choose from... from Google Images I assume a deep, glittery red would be my favourite but if glitter is an option, surely glitter is the best?
Do you like to stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
Dress up all the way! If you can't dress up for the fanciest day of the year, when else can you? I've never had a holiday season where I haven't bought a new frock, turned the heating onto full and scoffed my face with left over pork pie. This year I wanted to buy a beautiful green sequined dress from H&M for the occasion but the sizing's were all wrong. (sad face)
If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be for?
I don't think I would buy anybody a present if I had to choose between my friends and family. Every single person who receives a present this year has impacted positively on my life in some way and I don't think there is a way I can categorise that and then decide who is more worthy? Even if one person is deemed insignificant for a proportion of the year, if they make you smile they can be deserving of a present.
Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
I think the magic of Christmas Eve is built upon the realisation that in the not so far away hours, there will be a gift giving session which should be worth so much more than the money spent, which exchanges happiness and pride and this is why Christmas morning should be the time for present opening.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
I actually haven't, nor have I ever had a burning desire to build one. I love gingerbread and teaming a slab of gingerbread with a hot chocolate from Costa is one of my proudest moments but making a house from it has never interested me. I'd hate to say I'm now too old to create one, but maybe that is now the truth. Hmm.
What do you like to do during your Christmas holidays?
I usually go and spend too much money in the boxing day sales, while meeting up with friends who I may not have seen in a while and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, but this year I really want to read a damn book as my reading has been pushed to the side amid chaos after chaos and reading three whole books in a year is embarrassing to admit, especially when one of those was a lacklustre Kimberley Walsh book.
Any Christmas wishes?
Without sounding totally cheesy, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas for once, though I don't actually like the snow it looks ridiculously pretty and if I'm not setting foot in it, having it lay outside my window will do me just fine. 
Favourite Christmas smell?
I have a ridiculous addiction to the salted caramel Yankee Candles so I assume they will take pride of place in the candle holder this year.
Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
 Pigs in blankets are a once a year treat, so I assume they'd be what I'd choose, but stuffing is my bae and therefore I should choose stuffing. Did I mention I went to Leeds last week and they gave me a Yorkshire pudding with my fish and chips? Leeds is bonkers.
Join me tomorrow for more #blogmas! 
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  1. Anonymous5.12.14

    my favourite Christmas colour is red! haha =)


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