Returning To Childhood With Smiggle

December 27, 2014

Smiggle Pencil Case with Inbuilt Calculator*
Smiggle 8 Colour Pen / Extra Large Pencil*
Smiggle Snake Puzzle*
Smiggle Macarons*
Smiggle Zebra Keyring*
Smiggle Water Bottle + Lunchbag Duo*
Smiggle Backpack*
Smiggle Large + Small Notepads*
Smiggle Friendship Wristbands*
The brand Smiggle first came into my subconsciousness about a year ago, when a friend introduced me to an Australian world of colour and magic. It hit me that children nowadays had nowhere to light up their world, as Paperchase were slowly but surely aiming towards the older audience and WHSmith's range was becoming more and more lacklustre every year. So when I heard that Smiggle were moving over to the UK shores I was ecstatic, as you can see in this post here written by foetus Olivia (it's #hashtag embarrassing.)
Dreams and drama is the name of the game over in the Smiggle world and even though I'm a seventeen year old teenager with an adverse reaction to hyperactive children, I still can't allow myself to not be sucked in to a world of magic, mystery and bright tantalising colours. The happiness radiating from a child with a new toy is something that I hope will continue to exist for decades to come, even after the ultimate triumph of the personal computer and electronic device changed the world. My body still tingles with delight when I find something that makes other people ecstatically happy and I never want that feeling to disappear.
I miss the feeling of zero responsibility and weightlessness, where the world could stop spinning for a split second yet this would never register with my child like brain as I would be so ridiculously engrossed in a nonsense activity, like jumping into the air for a snapshot to rival the High School Musical posters or playing Monopoly till my head hurt. I know that Smiggle are aiming their products at young school children but as an almost adult, I feel the message their trying to deliver and I wish more businesses would try and follow their lead. 
This Christmas, Smiggle pulled out all the stops and I think they deserve the sales figures they will undoubtedly have because their sales pitches have been beautiful. I've finally had the chance to go to one of their stores (thanks Meadowhall!) and the enthusiasm and general happiness I felt from their employees and the ethos of the store.. God I just love it.
If you would like to find out more about Smiggle, click the link here.
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  1. This brand looks really cool, I've missed your blog posts and it's nice to see you back x

  2. Those Macaron erasers look incredible!
    - F -

    1. They have a really sweet smell too haha!x


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