An Opportunity, Fluffy Jumpers And A Selfie

January 30, 2015

I can't begin to believe it's been two weeks since I last posted here!
The past few weeks have pottered along like many others, with deadlines, silly selfies and outfit adoration galore. We've laughed, we've died from embarrassment while choosing which nearly identical twin is better looking and spend moments discussing the 'rancid' apps which grace Beth's Ipad.
I've decided that shopping is good for the soul, however bad it may be for my bank account. I've felt a desire to began journaling again, partly inspired by Lily's post a few days ago and I've bought a new book aptly titled "I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty" which I hope to use to not only inspire thoughts and moments to express on this dear little blog, but to perhaps make myself smile inside too. I've restarted my 2015 jar with happy moments and even on days where I can't think of an overwhelming happy thought, I've managed to throw something in the jar which is as surprising as it is beautiful.
I've worn more fluffy items than I care to admit, and I regret not one minute of it. My (two) new fluffy coats are beautiful and totally appropriate for the Instagram worthy - until you walk on it -  weather the UK are experiencing at the moment. I've also discovered Spotify in the last few weeks which is one of the weirdest yet most fabulous things I've ever seen, what do you mean I don't have to pay to listen to albums!? This is madness.
Lily Allen's album has graced my ears during many an essay writing session, and it has become a common occurrence to hear her single "F*ck You" blasting out from my bedroom as I leave to attend sixth form. There's no link there, of course ;-)
I also discovered that some of my friends think it's great to buy 6 cheeseburgers when they go to McDonalds and I've also discovered that bragging about buying six burgers is pointless when you only ate four. Sorry Fergus! #burn
You may see me in more places in the next few weeks and I leave you with a reminder to always make your Friday's sparkle - it is close to the weekend after all!
See you soon! 
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Content Music

January 15, 2015

Feeling safe and content is a forbidden beauty in a land filled with anguish and anger, and I am blessed to admit that on the 15th of January at 6.48am I feel utterly happy and free to live in any situation. Feeling content has become an aim of mine through months of heavy pressure and mind altering bewilderment, but as I wake on this cold, frost filled morning I can honestly admit that an once infrequent feeling has now seeped through my bones and I feel unexplainably ecstatic.
I seem to go through periods of great elation, where I can achieve anything I want to, I can jump onto glass ceilings with ease that normally would be a huge struggle, I can smile and sleep and live with a feeling underneath myself that can only be likened to acceptance.

I created a playlist a matter of days ago which I believe to be the catalyst for the change inside, as I've mentioned in posts before, music is the most amazing thing which can make your struggles leave in one fell swoop. I adore every single track featured and hopefully, you will too.

Tracks included:
Blonde - I Loved You ::: Mcfly - Party Girl ::: Mcfly - Transylvania ::: Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer ::: Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin ::: Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat ::: Oh My! - Dirty Dancer ::: Brassbound - The Ordinary Boys ::: The Ordinary Boys - Life Will Be The Death Of Me ::: Marina and the Diamonds - Froot

 What do you think of my 'content music' playlist?
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Can An Outfit Change Your Outlook On Life?

January 12, 2015

Can An Outfit Change Your Outlook On Life?
As I sit underneath my bedsheets, I allow my brain to ponder these thoughts. Throughout my life I have been taught, somewhat indoctrinated and learnt about the strong willed world of power dressing. For a woman to achieve in an office environment, she ought to dress like the man, the strong person, the overall encapsulating force that is in charge of every moment. A woman in a short skirt with blonde hair signifies a receptionist, only there for looks and nothing else.
But I'm so glad that finally, we have moved on from that sexist viewpoint. Power dressing is now only done to combat the inner thoughts that question our every movement inside our heads, which rear their ugly mouths every time we find an ebb of self confidence ready to peek through its shell. As a woman, I wear my own clothes in my own form of power dressing and I would love to think that a sophisticated outfit changes my opinions of the thoughts and therefore changes my damn outlook on outfit.
Take right now. I don't want you to picture the scene because picturing me sat in bed is rather weird as you could be a stranger in a country I've never heard of, but I'm in probably the best mood I've been in all week. I'm sat in a pair of leggings and a Disney tee shirt, so not outside worthy but ridiculously comfortable and I feel so great and determined and I want to succeed and do things that yesterday I only dreamt of and I just feel great. 
But then I could take Saturday when I was twirling around in my mirror before I went to meet a friend and I was wearing a winter-kind-of-Christmas but then suitable all year round top and a midi skirt and I felt so free and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I was smiling and grinning from ear to ear, I looked like a Cheshire Cat awaiting a substantial puddle of milk and life could not become any greater. I sat in Costa Coffee and downed a small hot chocolate without extra delights, and didn't worry about getting any brown liquid on me because for the first time, I didn't care about ruining anything, I was just living in the moment and this singular thought encapsulates every memory in this blog post.

I wish to express that yes, an outfit can forever change your outlook on life. An outfit can be the make or break moment within an early morning awakening. I can wake up feeling bloated and overweight, but a figure flattering dress can truly promote happiness and force me to believe uplifting moments do come, even though my stomach may not be flat and my flab is something never described as 'fab.'

What do you think?
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Taylor Swift: 1989 Review

January 09, 2015

In some ways I'm grateful for the break I had on Olivia Curls, as I'm now bursting with motivation, equipped with a new blogging schedule and ready to tackle life. I tweeted on Boxing Day that "2015 is going to be my fucking year. My blog is going to be a book, detailing a life where only I can reveal the cliffhanger. I cannot wait" and I think this encompasses everything I want this year to be. And who better to begin with than Taylor Swift, a woman who is famed for creating melodies out of life experiences, while achieving things I can only dream of. Here's my review of her hugely successful album, 1989.
Welcome To New York is a poppy kaleidoscope of mixed sounds and is a perfect opener to a happy-go-lucky album. As an individual single, it's gonna end up being the soundtrack to my New York trip in March, and that is in no way a bad thing. I love the reference 'boys and boys' and 'girls and girls' just because it shows that acceptance for those who have an attraction to the same sex and it's a contender for most listened to on my new bright green Ipod. Blank Space is the sassy one that's tore up the airwaves and one which kept us sane through the last week of sixth form before Christmas (I've got too many embarrassing videos of us attempting to sing) which is an obvious dig at the media, while Style is said to be all about Harry Styles. I hope that Style is the next single released from the album as it is the most commercial, and I love the pre-chorus and laid back vibe it has. Out Of The Woods on the other hand is a fast ballad which really makes you think about life and relationships in general, and the instrumental of this one is probably the most perplexing on it's own, even if sometimes it seems too personal.
All You Had To Do Was Stay is unfortunately one of the worst tracks on the album, the chorus is general enough and enjoyable but the verses are sadly a little lacklustre and on somebody else's album (read: a recent The Saturdays album) it would probably appear okay but when compared to the great tracks around it, this isn't fab at all. Shake It Off is another hit for Miss Swift, and was the main reason I bought the album, I love the too-cool-for-you digs and the fast upbeat sound, and it's great when rammed up to full volume. I Wish You Would is a little like 'All You Had To Do Was Stay', I really enjoy the chorus but the first verse does the track no justice at all, but then at the same time it's in no way skippable and the middle eight is pure pop perfection. Then we have Bad Blood, which I adore. It's got a great bass line, it packs fifty punches and I just love it, full stop. I still haven't made my mind up about Wildest Dreams, on first listen I really enjoyed it and I still enjoy it now, a month later, but slipped in just after Bad Blood maybe wasn't the best decision ever made by the record company, as I'm still fan girling over Bad Blood too much to fully appreciate Wildest Dreams.
How You Get The Girl reminds me of I Wish You Would, but I enjoy this one much more, it has a old Taylor vibe and I can see it fitting in well in the Lovestruck era with Love Story, it has the same rhythm to it. This Love makes me smile, the beauty of the track is within its simplicity and Taylor's soft vocals. I Know Places makes me feel so sorry for Taylor, it's the most atmospheric track of the whole album and I can feel the feel echoing from each syllable until it is all consuming, I honestly cannot do anything when I hear this one, I just sit down and think which scares me a little. Clean on the other hand is a weird one, and I cannot put my finger on the opinion I've come to. With echoes of a Nina Nesbitt track, it's a sweet ending to a way above average album but I can't seem to come to an opinion, it's just there I think.
I would give 1989 a well deserved 9 / 10.
Have you bought 1989?
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Why We Should Appreciate Real Music

January 06, 2015

Music should be a release, a place to take account of your innermost thoughts which threaten to only release themselves when forced, it should be something precious and loved, ready to be reminisced about in forty moons while your children sit attentively at your slipper clad feet. Music is the only constant in an ever evolving universe, no matter the situation a natural background of carefully filtered noise can take your heart away and can add tension to an otherwise loving scenario.
We listen to music daily, the clunky sound of a full tumble dryer, the slow yet beautiful tones of a robin laid within the bushes. Though these sounds are deemed insignificant within our fast moving society, they create an image which when revisited is a beauty in itself. The sound of a train flying through a platform intertwined with meek tusks and grimaces send my mind into memories at my city station, ladened with thin plastic carriers as I wait to board for a thirty minute journey into the countryside, in which the first sound to escape will be a yelp from an over tired child ready to arrive home.
A single record can fast track my brain into an overload of memories and smiles while eroding the barriers I set up for my own protection, it can cause pain and gut wrenching sobs while allowing the sadness inside to overcome my senses, if only for a small while. Yet this is a paradox of sorts, if a hastily written group of notes can evoke such a strong reaction from such an insignificant teen, isn't this beautiful? Isn't this what true happiness is? When you have found a bright beacon of hope and anguish and upset within a note, when one record can knock your life into a single heap of rubble, when you can be so insanely upset because of beauty, isn't this amazing?
Though music is hated by some, though music is unappreciated by many, it will never be unappreciated by me. Popular records can become hits, popular records can become the soundtrack to love and hate but the music around us is ever important and without it, memory would collapse into a haze filled deathbed and life would crumble.
Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Bloggers Of The Year

January 02, 2015

There seems to be an endless list of posts to read on my Bloglovin feed and the amount of people involved in the populated #fbloggers and #lbloggers chats increases every single week, which is an incredibly scary thought. When I started my first blog three years ago, it was a big achievement for a blogger hashtag to trend, let alone top trend week in week out, even when an official chat is not taking place. It appears to me that every man and his dog has decided to set up an account, if only for the freebies that sometimes arrive, and it's making life even more difficult for those bloggers who have the talent but sometimes not the readership they deserve. Every blogger I've mentioned below has captivated me with their words, their voice or their dress sense this year and I'm incredibly proud that I have had the chance to take a glimpse into their worlds.
Here's a list of some of my favourites of the year.
Lily has to have the best achieveable outfits in the blogosphere, I love the quick and easy posts and her Youtube videos make me smile also. Zoe posts some of the most kooky and quirky articles and outfits ever, but her well thought out opinions and clear common sense make her blog a must read. Olivia on the other hand dresses like a 1950's beauty and her dream worthy photography is a beauty to see. Her boyfriend Joe makes a sporadic appearance, and he's great too.
Jess' blog is beautiful, her Simple Sunday posts remind me weekly that the best things in life are what we take for granted, and her book reviews and opinions are a sure fire way to my heart, I've even bought things based on Jess' recommendations and she's such a great girl too. Katie, who writes Scarphelia is probably my biggest inspiration and her writing conjures images up in my head that I didn't know could exist. I admire Katie more than I expected possible as she takes life by the hands and shakes it, which I think more of us need to consider. Not forgetting Alex from On Serpentine Shores, her fashion / nature blog is completely different from what I'd typically read, but I fell in love with Alex's writing and happiness and her outlook on life, maybe we should follow an easier lifestyle because we'd feel much better for it.
I only found out about Mel's blog a few months back while scouring the net for tips and tricks, her daily outfit postings make me jealous and as I say, her tips posts are invaluable and need to be added to favourites immediately. Lauryn is the best young writer I have seen in my life, I will never understand where she gets her wisdom from but if I ever manage to become a good a writer as Lauryn, I will be estatic. It doesn't help that she's a fabulously friendly girl too. My mornings start with a read of Becky's blog, with a new and inventive post every day you'll never know what you might find. Becky's blog is diverse, but her infectious personality binds her whole blog together and I've shed tears at some of her darker posts before.
Who are your favourite bloggers of the year? 
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2015 Bucket List, Dreams, Wishes, And Flying Pigs

January 01, 2015

 2015: Chapter One
So here we are. Chapter One. This is my story. I have no idea how many chapters are going to spiral from this initial thought, I have no idea what 2015 holds. All I know is that time is moving. This is the only thing we can ever be certain off, nobody is getting younger, even if their botox filled faces prove otherwise. I need to document things, it's a compound thought inside of me and I think that writing is going to be my sanctuary in life, I'm at the ripe age of seventeen and ten months and my brain is fizzing and I'm just here and happy and letting my innermost feelings explode onto a keypad like there is no tomorrow. So this is Chapter One. This is today.
2015 Bucket List, Dreams, Wishes, And Flying Pigs
001: Watch 25 films you have never seen before
002: Procrastination will get you nowhere
003: Keep happy, because somebody has it worse
004: Pass those damn A Levels
005: Go to more standing gigs!
006: Learn the ukulele
007: Read 12 novels
008: Visit 5 unknown cities
009: Just say yes
010: Stay True To Yourself.
Some of the ideas I've written down are repeats, and not because I didn't manage to achieve them. In 2014, I did watch 25 films, I somewhat broadened my horizons and I've realised that sitting still for two and a half hours isn't so bad. I've become engrossed in storylines, films have made me think more that what I ever thought imaginable and in some ways the true meaning behind the glamour and good looking males is something that every human should sit and consider. Take 'The Maze Runner', which was released in the autumn. I hated it, full stop. As a matter of fact, my little sister told me I fell asleep during it which wouldn't surprise me at all. Yet the ultimate overhanging aim stuck with me, it was asking if life was just a test which needs to be beaten, needs to be completed and I scribbled my thoughts down into a post which is sitting in my drafts folder currently. I've put goals down for the second year running in order to complete a streak which I feel has perhaps changed my thought processes for the better, and to motivate me to stick to them.
What is on your bucket list? 
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