2015 Bucket List, Dreams, Wishes, And Flying Pigs

January 01, 2015

 2015: Chapter One
So here we are. Chapter One. This is my story. I have no idea how many chapters are going to spiral from this initial thought, I have no idea what 2015 holds. All I know is that time is moving. This is the only thing we can ever be certain off, nobody is getting younger, even if their botox filled faces prove otherwise. I need to document things, it's a compound thought inside of me and I think that writing is going to be my sanctuary in life, I'm at the ripe age of seventeen and ten months and my brain is fizzing and I'm just here and happy and letting my innermost feelings explode onto a keypad like there is no tomorrow. So this is Chapter One. This is today.
2015 Bucket List, Dreams, Wishes, And Flying Pigs
001: Watch 25 films you have never seen before
002: Procrastination will get you nowhere
003: Keep happy, because somebody has it worse
004: Pass those damn A Levels
005: Go to more standing gigs!
006: Learn the ukulele
007: Read 12 novels
008: Visit 5 unknown cities
009: Just say yes
010: Stay True To Yourself.
Some of the ideas I've written down are repeats, and not because I didn't manage to achieve them. In 2014, I did watch 25 films, I somewhat broadened my horizons and I've realised that sitting still for two and a half hours isn't so bad. I've become engrossed in storylines, films have made me think more that what I ever thought imaginable and in some ways the true meaning behind the glamour and good looking males is something that every human should sit and consider. Take 'The Maze Runner', which was released in the autumn. I hated it, full stop. As a matter of fact, my little sister told me I fell asleep during it which wouldn't surprise me at all. Yet the ultimate overhanging aim stuck with me, it was asking if life was just a test which needs to be beaten, needs to be completed and I scribbled my thoughts down into a post which is sitting in my drafts folder currently. I've put goals down for the second year running in order to complete a streak which I feel has perhaps changed my thought processes for the better, and to motivate me to stick to them.
What is on your bucket list? 
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  1. I bought a Ukulele two years ago, & I absolutely love it! It's so nice just to sit down and attempt to play your favourite songs. I use the website Ukutabs to find different songs & it's normally kept very up to date :)
    I hope you have a great 2015!
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, I'll have to have a look, have a lovely year too x

  2. I've only just discovered your blog and I feel like a hole inside of me has just been filled. You're writing is incredible!! I also watched The Maze Runner and absolutely hated it as well but I completely understand how the underlying questions and morality still stands. If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it, it's so much better than the film! Great post lovely - Nabeela x


    1. Gosh Nabeela, wow. I've never had anybody tell me that before! My sister loved the books so I may have to give them a go x


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