An Opportunity, Fluffy Jumpers And A Selfie

January 30, 2015

I can't begin to believe it's been two weeks since I last posted here!
The past few weeks have pottered along like many others, with deadlines, silly selfies and outfit adoration galore. We've laughed, we've died from embarrassment while choosing which nearly identical twin is better looking and spend moments discussing the 'rancid' apps which grace Beth's Ipad.
I've decided that shopping is good for the soul, however bad it may be for my bank account. I've felt a desire to began journaling again, partly inspired by Lily's post a few days ago and I've bought a new book aptly titled "I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty" which I hope to use to not only inspire thoughts and moments to express on this dear little blog, but to perhaps make myself smile inside too. I've restarted my 2015 jar with happy moments and even on days where I can't think of an overwhelming happy thought, I've managed to throw something in the jar which is as surprising as it is beautiful.
I've worn more fluffy items than I care to admit, and I regret not one minute of it. My (two) new fluffy coats are beautiful and totally appropriate for the Instagram worthy - until you walk on it -  weather the UK are experiencing at the moment. I've also discovered Spotify in the last few weeks which is one of the weirdest yet most fabulous things I've ever seen, what do you mean I don't have to pay to listen to albums!? This is madness.
Lily Allen's album has graced my ears during many an essay writing session, and it has become a common occurrence to hear her single "F*ck You" blasting out from my bedroom as I leave to attend sixth form. There's no link there, of course ;-)
I also discovered that some of my friends think it's great to buy 6 cheeseburgers when they go to McDonalds and I've also discovered that bragging about buying six burgers is pointless when you only ate four. Sorry Fergus! #burn
You may see me in more places in the next few weeks and I leave you with a reminder to always make your Friday's sparkle - it is close to the weekend after all!
See you soon! 
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