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January 02, 2015

There seems to be an endless list of posts to read on my Bloglovin feed and the amount of people involved in the populated #fbloggers and #lbloggers chats increases every single week, which is an incredibly scary thought. When I started my first blog three years ago, it was a big achievement for a blogger hashtag to trend, let alone top trend week in week out, even when an official chat is not taking place. It appears to me that every man and his dog has decided to set up an account, if only for the freebies that sometimes arrive, and it's making life even more difficult for those bloggers who have the talent but sometimes not the readership they deserve. Every blogger I've mentioned below has captivated me with their words, their voice or their dress sense this year and I'm incredibly proud that I have had the chance to take a glimpse into their worlds.
Here's a list of some of my favourites of the year.
Lily has to have the best achieveable outfits in the blogosphere, I love the quick and easy posts and her Youtube videos make me smile also. Zoe posts some of the most kooky and quirky articles and outfits ever, but her well thought out opinions and clear common sense make her blog a must read. Olivia on the other hand dresses like a 1950's beauty and her dream worthy photography is a beauty to see. Her boyfriend Joe makes a sporadic appearance, and he's great too.
Jess' blog is beautiful, her Simple Sunday posts remind me weekly that the best things in life are what we take for granted, and her book reviews and opinions are a sure fire way to my heart, I've even bought things based on Jess' recommendations and she's such a great girl too. Katie, who writes Scarphelia is probably my biggest inspiration and her writing conjures images up in my head that I didn't know could exist. I admire Katie more than I expected possible as she takes life by the hands and shakes it, which I think more of us need to consider. Not forgetting Alex from On Serpentine Shores, her fashion / nature blog is completely different from what I'd typically read, but I fell in love with Alex's writing and happiness and her outlook on life, maybe we should follow an easier lifestyle because we'd feel much better for it.
I only found out about Mel's blog a few months back while scouring the net for tips and tricks, her daily outfit postings make me jealous and as I say, her tips posts are invaluable and need to be added to favourites immediately. Lauryn is the best young writer I have seen in my life, I will never understand where she gets her wisdom from but if I ever manage to become a good a writer as Lauryn, I will be estatic. It doesn't help that she's a fabulously friendly girl too. My mornings start with a read of Becky's blog, with a new and inventive post every day you'll never know what you might find. Becky's blog is diverse, but her infectious personality binds her whole blog together and I've shed tears at some of her darker posts before.
Who are your favourite bloggers of the year? 
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  1. Thank you so much Olivia! Your words are so encouraging! xx

    1. Thank you for making me smile this year xx

  2. Oh, you. You are one wonderful specimen of a person and am honoured to consider you a friend. Thank you so much for your kind, and as Alex put above, encouraging, words! I'm honoured to be amongst such good company. Happy new year - let's make it big and bold, full of flying opportunities and new words.

    Lauryn | Lauryn's Notebook

    1. Gosh Lauryn, wonderful!? Me!? This year is gonna be fabulous, everybody had better watch out for us xx

  3. I really enjoyed this post and have found some lovely new blogs to read :) It's so nice to hear about why people enjoy certain blogs :)
    Love Holly x

    1. Thank you, there are some fabulous bloggers out there xx


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