Why We Should Appreciate Real Music

January 06, 2015

Music should be a release, a place to take account of your innermost thoughts which threaten to only release themselves when forced, it should be something precious and loved, ready to be reminisced about in forty moons while your children sit attentively at your slipper clad feet. Music is the only constant in an ever evolving universe, no matter the situation a natural background of carefully filtered noise can take your heart away and can add tension to an otherwise loving scenario.
We listen to music daily, the clunky sound of a full tumble dryer, the slow yet beautiful tones of a robin laid within the bushes. Though these sounds are deemed insignificant within our fast moving society, they create an image which when revisited is a beauty in itself. The sound of a train flying through a platform intertwined with meek tusks and grimaces send my mind into memories at my city station, ladened with thin plastic carriers as I wait to board for a thirty minute journey into the countryside, in which the first sound to escape will be a yelp from an over tired child ready to arrive home.
A single record can fast track my brain into an overload of memories and smiles while eroding the barriers I set up for my own protection, it can cause pain and gut wrenching sobs while allowing the sadness inside to overcome my senses, if only for a small while. Yet this is a paradox of sorts, if a hastily written group of notes can evoke such a strong reaction from such an insignificant teen, isn't this beautiful? Isn't this what true happiness is? When you have found a bright beacon of hope and anguish and upset within a note, when one record can knock your life into a single heap of rubble, when you can be so insanely upset because of beauty, isn't this amazing?
Though music is hated by some, though music is unappreciated by many, it will never be unappreciated by me. Popular records can become hits, popular records can become the soundtrack to love and hate but the music around us is ever important and without it, memory would collapse into a haze filled deathbed and life would crumble.
Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. This is such a beautiful piece of writing. I can totally relate to what you've said and really like your style of writing - the descriptions especially! I would say that my favourite line is the last in the third paragraph, although I can't because it's all brilliant. Thank you, I only stumbled upon your blog this evening and genuinely really enjoyed reading that :)

  2. this is such a wonderfully written post!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com


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