HAPPY INTERVIEW: daintysprinkles

February 27, 2015

 This week I'm interviewing Grace, author of one of my long time favourites, "Dainty Sprinkles." Grace's blog was a recent find, and I fell in love straight away. At fifteen, Grace's writing and post quality is rather fabulous and her outfit choices are to die for. Her post here about the Internet Safety Day made me think and I recommend you giving it a read, the ideas held within it are ones you should carry at the back of your mind. But back to Grace, the tripod loving teen queen. Here's the happiness interview, over and out!
What makes you want to get out of bed on a morning?
I would love to say that the sunshine and the birds get me up in the morning but no, I'm quite crazy in saying that I get up at 6.30am - that's almost two hours before I leave for school - by my own choice and I guess I do this as it gives me time to relax over my breakfast and take my time getting ready with 0% stress. I am quite strict about routine and even one minute out of the ordinary upsets me for the entire day so I guess that rigid routine gets me out of bed in the mornings - 10/10 do not recommend, kids! On a side note, I am the biggest morning person you will met and I unfortunately learnt this when I went on the Galway trip back in October where the only morning people besides me was two of the teachers. Fun times. 

Which five music tracks are destined to put a smile on your face and why?
More like 500 music tracks! Okay, here we go in no particular order - Foo Fighters 'Best of You' and 'Everlong', Lorde 'Million Dollar Bills', Satellite Stories 'Seasons of B-Side' 'Campfire' 'Come Back Conversation', French Films 'Can't Take You With Me' and Two Door Cinema Club 'Next Year' - That was like three more than five, I am sorry, but they're all pretty fast-paced and ecstatic and they make me feel as if I am walking on the clouds or something or going through an adrenaline rush on a roller coaster - They are exhilarating!
Name the best experience you've had so far in your life and why.
I can't really think of one best experience of my entire life so far and although I wouldn't call it the best, Transition Year has been brilliant so far in my opinion and I'll be sad when it's over in less than four months ! I've really 'came out of my shell' as they say and met a ton of amazing people and made so many new friends so there have been so many experiences that make me feel instantly happy, it's a year that has really changed me - The most temporary of things are the best ! Brownie points for me please, I sound so cheesy!
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Alive ! I'd like to think that I'll still be alive - like I'd better be - going on twenty three, I don't really know where else I'd like to be but hopefully whatever I'm doing and wherever I am, I'm happy! So I see myself happy and alive - and with a job too!
What do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day?
I listen to music - generally those mentioned above and loads of Nirvana (In Bloom and All Apologies ayy) and Echosmith (Come Together and Bright are fab!) and mess around on my keyboard, like actually try to learn to part of a song, because if I do it will make me feel ten times better and also talking to my friends on Facebook or doodling helps too!
Finally, what is happiness to you?
Happiness is something I value the most in life - I value it over everything else because it consists of that 'everything else' . It's like one of those things that you can't value properly until you have it and then it vanishes and this kind of pattern repeats itself. Full happiness to me is my extended appreciation for everything in my life - I wake up in a first world country where I have a lot of rights, my family and friends - humans in general, school and everything that comes with it, the Internet and so on. Of course not everyone is lucky enough to be able to see the colour in life and what amazing things can come out of it  and I certainly didn't, up until a few months ago and even right now everything is looking a bit off colour but we are getting back on track ! BLAST THE MUSIC AND TURN UP THE VOLUME - can we use that as a metaphor for life and happiness pleassse!

Thank you so much Grace! If you would like to partake in the 'happy interview,' give me a shout at xoliviamae@gmail.com and I'll be sure to respond, have a lovely week y'all!
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MUSIC: Five Albums You Need To Listen To

February 23, 2015

Here's some of the albums that have filled my head with notes and dreams in the last few weeks that I think you will adore.
Lily's third controversial album has been beating through my headphones these past few weeks more often than not, as I urge myself not to dance along to the happy-go-lucky "As Long As I Got You" and the embarrassing yet hilarious "URL Badman." The deluxe edition has a sweet mention of a John Lewis Christmas single of yesteryear, backed up with "Wind Your Neck In," a deluxe track that has the makings of a top ten single. I think the album deals with Lily's negativity towards fame in a structured way, I can fully see where she's coming from with every note but then at the same time, she's taking the mickey out of herself that makes the whole album rather adorable.
McFly's second greatest hits selection holds my favourites from the first, with the added bonus of the singles from their (not so) latest offerings, Radioactive and Above The Noise. My favourites are Love Is Easy, a ukulele inspired sing-a-long track which reeks of summer days, Transylvania, which is rather funnily spelt wrong on the official video, I'll Be Okay which makes me smile and lifts me up after a hard day and finally That Girl, which I first heard when it was covered by The Vamps about a year ago (no idea how I missed the original but that's what an obsession with girl bands does to you.) The video for That Girl is hilarious too if you get a minute to view it.
Duffy's first album spent the first year of its life in the car, and became the soundtrack to one too many Meadowhall Meadowhell trips which perhaps lessened my love for it, which is a shame. Since downloading Spotify last month - yes I know I'm a latecomer - I refound my admiration for Duffy and her debut, Rockferry is full of soulful ballads and uptempo singles which can make even the most boring of you want to get up and dance. Somehow I forgot to buy the deluxe edition back in 2008 so even I've found some new gems, Rain On Your Parade being one of them. If you're rushed for time, take a chance on Mercy, Warwick Avenue, Serious and Distant Dreamer, the latter being the perfect ending to a mystical record.
Pixie Lott's sophomore album has always been a bit of an odd one for me, I always loved it but then at the same time it wasn't a favourite, it was just there. I loved most of the tracks, but none of them had a memorable vibe nor did many of them stand out. Fast forward a few years, and it's still an odd one but it's one that has to be listen to, I have no idea how to explain it but without it gracing your eardrums there's no way to describe the pleasant experience I have.. gosh I don't know. My favourites are Stevie On The Radio, with backing from Mr Wonder himself, Kiss The Stars and You Win, a sad record which reeks of bittersweet memories.
Meghan Trainor is most well known for her #1 hit All About That Bass, and though I love it, I don't think it shows Meghan's talent in its best light compared to this expressive debut. The track "The Best Part" is a sweet interlude, "Bang Dem Sticks" would sound fabulous with a bass enhancer and has a mini 2010 Miley vibe about it, "Walkashame" is a hilarious anecdotal mention of that walk of shame we've all experienced, while "Title" holds the award for the catchiest lyrics of 2015.
Do you like any of these albums?
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HAPPY INTERVIEW: coloursandcarousels

February 20, 2015

This week I'm interviewing Charlotte, author of one of my long time favourites, 'Colours and Carousels.' Charlotte has the mix between lifestyle, fashion and everything else perfectly right and there's not a day goes by where I don't check my bloglovin page for an update. (is it bad Google now tells me I've visited 'many times?!') Her kitten is adorable and I recommend you take a wander through the net onto her blog! Here's the happiness interview, over and out!
What makes you want to get out of bed on a morning?
I used to hate getting out of bed in the morning but recently I've started to love having a few extra hours in the day to spend doing whatever I want. My day is a lot better if I can spend an hour or so in the morning with a cup of tea flicking through a magazine or catching up on blog posts, so getting up that little bit earlier really helps! Plus, it's usually so cold in my flat that I need to get up and put the radiator on...
What five music tracks are destined to put a smile on your face and why? 
It's difficult for me to narrow this down to just 5 but right now I'd say that they are The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, Roar by Katy Perry, I'll Be Okay by McFly and Fancy by Iggy Azalea - they're guaranteed to perk up my mood and make me want to sing or dance my heart out!
Name the best experience you've had in your life so far and why.
It sounds a little bit cliche, but aside from family things, holidays with friends & my boyfriend I think my blog is probably one of the best experiences. It's taught me a lot about myself, who I am and what I want to do. I absolutely love writing and my blog provides one of the best outlets for this, whilst also letting me meet some amazing people. It's seriously boosted my confidence and being able to get my feelings out on a (digital) page really helps me.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years time I would like to be working my way towards my dream job (which I haven't quite decided on yet), still writing as much as possible, having enough time to spend with my friends & family whilst still being busy enough that I'm not bored. I want to be able to see a few new countries and have a killer wardrobe. In five years I think I'd like to be either in the process of moving out or have my own flat, but I want to be comfortable and secure before I do that.
What do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day?
After a bad day I typically treat myself to a night in front of the TV with a big bowl of pasta & cheese. Or on the rare occasion my bank balance is not looking too bad I do a bit of shopping, but I try to go for the food first! Aside from that I like to spend some time curled up in bed reading a book or cuddling my cat.
Finally, what is happiness to you?
Happiness is kind of difficult to define, but for me I'd say it's feeling comfortable and content with your current situation but still working towards a further goal. My friends, family & boyfriend are a big part of my happiness so I'm really lucky to have them in my life. Recently I've taken steps to address something that was making me really miserable so knowing that I have the freedom and control to change things that really bother me makes a big difference to my happiness.
Thank you so much Charlotte! If you would like to partake in the 'happy interview,' give me a shout at xoliviamae@gmail.com and I'll be sure to respond, have a lovely week y'all!
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Olivia's Happy Moments #3

February 18, 2015

beautiful pixelated image there liv
This week has gone so fast, especially as it's now half term and I can stay in bed till 9am - what am I going to do next week!? It's beautiful to wake up to sunshine rather than the darkness that usually consumes the street I live down and its undoubtedly helped to lift my mood this week. 
happy interviews: It's been great to see such a wonderful response to the happy interviews, it really is making me happy and I can't thank the people who are involved enough for answering my questions. If you wish to, you can see all of the interviews here.
valentines: I had a lovely unexpected valentines morning, and even though I had to go to work in the afternoon, we took advantage of the few hours we had available in the morning to have a walk through town and took a bite to eat.
shopping: This week I've had chance to recuperate and spend too much money, and I've now got a personalised diary and more beauty products than actually need, but all's well that ends well. I'm going shopping tomorrow too (oopsie) but if it involves a trip to McDonalds I'm happy (I'm on the salads of course)
relaxing: It's such a simple pleasure but it's been great to put my feet on the ground and keep them there for a few days without having to jump up and complete something asap, this holiday was damn well deserved and I feel rather grateful for the busyness of other weeks and the contrasting relaxation of this one. 
music: I might as well make this a weekly feature as it always makes me happy. This week I've been listening to the Duffy album alongside a summer beach workout mixtape which had it's debut on a cold February morning in winter while I was sat on my bed writing essays, so completely un-apt name but entertaining all the same.
What has made you happy this week?
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BEAUTY: Benefit RollerLash Mascara

February 16, 2015

Look at me writing a beauty post! Today I'm reviewing the Benefit RollerLash mascara, which comes free in March's Elle magazine as an exclusive sample. Now, don't get me wrong, I do know what make up is and I know basic rules of how to apply it, but I'm no expert and the terms held within this post are likely to be totally incorrect so I do apologise for that if you're expecting some sassy article with fancy language - I'll keep the fancy language for my thoughts and feelings thanks.
BUT ANYWAY! The RollerLash mascara is actually rather fabulous, I've never owned a Benefit mascara before in favour of opting for cheaper Rimmel versions, yet I can understand why people spend so much money on a designer version. Even though today I'm letting my face breathe and going make up free, (see this post here for my reasoning) I shoved some of this mascara on my eyelashes just to see what it would look like without the rest of my face being applied and I was shocked at the results. The stubs of eyelashes that I own suddenly turned into rather large stubs, I was so happy with the change that came after one layer was applied with zero smudging and zero clumping either. Which for a girl whose eyes water when she walks into wind is a dream come true, I'm telling you. Yet I don't know whether it's worth £19.50, I don't think I can justify that price for a little bottle of product. I think if I see a sample again I will buy it, but not at the price its recommended retail price.
The RollerLash mascara from Benefit is available currently in sample form in Elle magazine, which retails at £4. You can also buy it from the Benefit website here where it retails at £19.50.
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February 13, 2015

I'm happier than ever at the moment, and I want my blog to reflect this. I want to log onto this little space on the net and grin from ear to ear and to be completely honest, I wish for others to feel the same about my little safe haven. Olivia Curls is like an extension of me, and right now I feel like the sun is going to shine down like there's no tomorrow and I never want this to end. I'm like, bloody happy, I can't even explain it. Which, if I'm perfectly honest, is a good a reason as anything to introduce a new series to the blog. 'Happy Interviews!' (exclamation mark definitely deserved) allows me to talk to some of my favourite bloggers about what makes them smile and why. First up this week is the beautiful Paige, who blogs at Milky Te4, a haven for beauty reviews and lifestyle rambles. I'm particularly fond of her Instagram which is updated more often than I can say Instagram and is well deserving of a follow. Without further ado, I give you Paige's interview! 

What makes you want to get out of bed on a morning?
I set myself small tasks to do for the day ahead so either tidying my room, preparing dinner or planning blog posts. My mind is always set on making these things happen and this helps me get out of bed in the morning even if my bed is very comfortable and I am tired, I will pressure myself to get out.

Which five music tracks are destined to put a smile on your face and why? 
This pretty much consists of very old music tracks but I just listen to a lot of playlists on Spotify that include the word 'happy' in the title. They do work to make me have a smile on my face. So I couldn't really give you 5 songs as a lot of them do make me happy.
Name the best experience you've had so far in your life and why.
This is personal to me but I am proud either way. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last April and a few months down the line we decided between me and her to organise a tea party to raise money for cancer awareness. We raised over £200 and that was the best experience I have ever been involved in, not only was I proud of my mum but I was proud that we raised money for others that are suffering or to help those families that have someone in their life that is suffering. Helping others puts a smile on my face that's for sure.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
My goal right now is get my blog noticed, I love what I do and I would like to continue doing it in the future.
What do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day?
I always connect with my friends or family or even those who follow me on social networks. Somehow they always seem to make my day so much better!
Finally, what is happiness to you?
Happiness for me is when I have my family, friends and loved ones every single day in my life.

Thank you so much Paige! If you would like to be featured in a happy interview, give me an email over at xoliviamae@gmail.com and I'll add you to the list. See you next week!
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Olivia's Happy Moments #2

February 11, 2015

Here's my second list of happy moments to have graced my life in the past week, it's been rather boring but then at the same time I've appreciated so many of the little things as there was no overhanging happy meter with something amazing ding-a-ling-ing every minute. I'd also like to give a quick shout out to Katie Oldham because her posts/tweets/status' have made me smile and feel motivated more than you could imagine in the past seven days. 
apps: I discovered an app called Comb a few weeks back now but over the past couple of days it's become a source of entertainment and encouragement, it's a fashion app where you 'comb' items you like from celebrities and other bloggers and it selects similar alternatives, perhaps if you couldn't afford the original, and I've found a couple of nice dresses that I'd love to buy on it, you can download it on the app store and find out more information about it here.
opportunities: I've realised that so many things are available to me at the moment and the world really is an oyster that I need to take advantage of. I've attempted and probably failed things that I couldn't dream of two months ago and that makes me smile.

wooly jumpers: The 'fluffy ensemble' that has graced my back this week and kept me warm deserves a sweet little mention, along with my fluffy new coat which I haven't worn often enough. Maybe I'll even do an ootd post when it gets a little warmer? (and the chubbiness falls off my hips)

marina: Week two and I'm already mentioning Marina twice, oops. I found a demo of hers called 'troubled mind' and the sick beat and dark meaning is somehow making me happy but I think it says a lot about me when a song about people in mental hospitals is my track of the week. Oops. If you like weird-ass music you can give it a go here.
katie hopkins: I guess this is self explanatory. I loved her on Big Brother and personally, she should have won as she provided more entertainment than my other kind-of fave, Katie Price. Her interview with the Loose Women ladies made me smile more than it should have too. 
gemma: She's sat next to me in the diner right now and wanted a mention, but she makes me happy so she deserves a mention here (sometimes)
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Olivia's Happy Moments

February 04, 2015

As my life becomes more and more hectic, I thought it would be a great idea to document the little and humongous things that make my day here on this blog, if only as a written reminder that amongst essays, applications and teenage drama, great things happen and should be embraced. Yes, I know that most 'happy lists' and the like are posted within the 48 hours we like to call the weekend, but surely that's against the point? Wednesday seemed like a nice day to post because you're half way through - it's nearly the God damn weekend and there's two more days of happy weekdays you can still endure partake in. So, on to the things that made me happy this week...
university: I received my fifth and final university offer from UCAS, now all I need to do is choose my top two!
spotify: I've discovered the shuffle function and the Girls Aloud vs Sugababes playlist on Spotify which may or may not have been on repeat for a whole enrichment afternoon... I also created one of my very first playlists which includes the likes of Meghan Trainor and Marina and the Diamonds along with old The Voice US contestants and Samantha Ronson of all people (!)
music: Talking of Marina, I love the video for I'm A Ruin! If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here - youtube also blessed me with a remix of Froot in my suggestion box, which has become my new jam (link here)
snow: The snow gave me an excuse to wear my battered but oh-so-comfortable Converse trainers and take embarrassing foot selfies - it's always a good excuse to post a #fromwhereistand hashtag right? It's so tempting to run around in the snow right now but its rather cold and having a snowball squashed into my hair in a warm room wasn't comfortable today, so going outside is a no-no.
coffee: I had a lovely afternoon in our local coffee shop on Monday amongst old ladies and excitable selfie obsessed school children who are more obsessed with the way they portray themselves than I am
essays: It's crazy to think but I'm writing this right now with no essays to finish for tomorrow and nothing else to do until I fall asleep with a bang and that makes me feel incredibly satisfied and proud
I would love your opinions on my latest sort-of series and I hope to see y'all soon <3
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