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February 27, 2015

 This week I'm interviewing Grace, author of one of my long time favourites, "Dainty Sprinkles." Grace's blog was a recent find, and I fell in love straight away. At fifteen, Grace's writing and post quality is rather fabulous and her outfit choices are to die for. Her post here about the Internet Safety Day made me think and I recommend you giving it a read, the ideas held within it are ones you should carry at the back of your mind. But back to Grace, the tripod loving teen queen. Here's the happiness interview, over and out!
What makes you want to get out of bed on a morning?
I would love to say that the sunshine and the birds get me up in the morning but no, I'm quite crazy in saying that I get up at 6.30am - that's almost two hours before I leave for school - by my own choice and I guess I do this as it gives me time to relax over my breakfast and take my time getting ready with 0% stress. I am quite strict about routine and even one minute out of the ordinary upsets me for the entire day so I guess that rigid routine gets me out of bed in the mornings - 10/10 do not recommend, kids! On a side note, I am the biggest morning person you will met and I unfortunately learnt this when I went on the Galway trip back in October where the only morning people besides me was two of the teachers. Fun times. 

Which five music tracks are destined to put a smile on your face and why?
More like 500 music tracks! Okay, here we go in no particular order - Foo Fighters 'Best of You' and 'Everlong', Lorde 'Million Dollar Bills', Satellite Stories 'Seasons of B-Side' 'Campfire' 'Come Back Conversation', French Films 'Can't Take You With Me' and Two Door Cinema Club 'Next Year' - That was like three more than five, I am sorry, but they're all pretty fast-paced and ecstatic and they make me feel as if I am walking on the clouds or something or going through an adrenaline rush on a roller coaster - They are exhilarating!
Name the best experience you've had so far in your life and why.
I can't really think of one best experience of my entire life so far and although I wouldn't call it the best, Transition Year has been brilliant so far in my opinion and I'll be sad when it's over in less than four months ! I've really 'came out of my shell' as they say and met a ton of amazing people and made so many new friends so there have been so many experiences that make me feel instantly happy, it's a year that has really changed me - The most temporary of things are the best ! Brownie points for me please, I sound so cheesy!
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Alive ! I'd like to think that I'll still be alive - like I'd better be - going on twenty three, I don't really know where else I'd like to be but hopefully whatever I'm doing and wherever I am, I'm happy! So I see myself happy and alive - and with a job too!
What do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day?
I listen to music - generally those mentioned above and loads of Nirvana (In Bloom and All Apologies ayy) and Echosmith (Come Together and Bright are fab!) and mess around on my keyboard, like actually try to learn to part of a song, because if I do it will make me feel ten times better and also talking to my friends on Facebook or doodling helps too!
Finally, what is happiness to you?
Happiness is something I value the most in life - I value it over everything else because it consists of that 'everything else' . It's like one of those things that you can't value properly until you have it and then it vanishes and this kind of pattern repeats itself. Full happiness to me is my extended appreciation for everything in my life - I wake up in a first world country where I have a lot of rights, my family and friends - humans in general, school and everything that comes with it, the Internet and so on. Of course not everyone is lucky enough to be able to see the colour in life and what amazing things can come out of it  and I certainly didn't, up until a few months ago and even right now everything is looking a bit off colour but we are getting back on track ! BLAST THE MUSIC AND TURN UP THE VOLUME - can we use that as a metaphor for life and happiness pleassse!

Thank you so much Grace! If you would like to partake in the 'happy interview,' give me a shout at xoliviamae@gmail.com and I'll be sure to respond, have a lovely week y'all!
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  1. I absolutely loved this post! It has made me think about my #HappySelves chat on Monday night! And good choice in Nirvana songs, In Bloom is one of my favourites too!
    Bee xxx


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