MUSIC: Five Albums You Need To Listen To

February 23, 2015

Here's some of the albums that have filled my head with notes and dreams in the last few weeks that I think you will adore.
Lily's third controversial album has been beating through my headphones these past few weeks more often than not, as I urge myself not to dance along to the happy-go-lucky "As Long As I Got You" and the embarrassing yet hilarious "URL Badman." The deluxe edition has a sweet mention of a John Lewis Christmas single of yesteryear, backed up with "Wind Your Neck In," a deluxe track that has the makings of a top ten single. I think the album deals with Lily's negativity towards fame in a structured way, I can fully see where she's coming from with every note but then at the same time, she's taking the mickey out of herself that makes the whole album rather adorable.
McFly's second greatest hits selection holds my favourites from the first, with the added bonus of the singles from their (not so) latest offerings, Radioactive and Above The Noise. My favourites are Love Is Easy, a ukulele inspired sing-a-long track which reeks of summer days, Transylvania, which is rather funnily spelt wrong on the official video, I'll Be Okay which makes me smile and lifts me up after a hard day and finally That Girl, which I first heard when it was covered by The Vamps about a year ago (no idea how I missed the original but that's what an obsession with girl bands does to you.) The video for That Girl is hilarious too if you get a minute to view it.
Duffy's first album spent the first year of its life in the car, and became the soundtrack to one too many Meadowhall Meadowhell trips which perhaps lessened my love for it, which is a shame. Since downloading Spotify last month - yes I know I'm a latecomer - I refound my admiration for Duffy and her debut, Rockferry is full of soulful ballads and uptempo singles which can make even the most boring of you want to get up and dance. Somehow I forgot to buy the deluxe edition back in 2008 so even I've found some new gems, Rain On Your Parade being one of them. If you're rushed for time, take a chance on Mercy, Warwick Avenue, Serious and Distant Dreamer, the latter being the perfect ending to a mystical record.
Pixie Lott's sophomore album has always been a bit of an odd one for me, I always loved it but then at the same time it wasn't a favourite, it was just there. I loved most of the tracks, but none of them had a memorable vibe nor did many of them stand out. Fast forward a few years, and it's still an odd one but it's one that has to be listen to, I have no idea how to explain it but without it gracing your eardrums there's no way to describe the pleasant experience I have.. gosh I don't know. My favourites are Stevie On The Radio, with backing from Mr Wonder himself, Kiss The Stars and You Win, a sad record which reeks of bittersweet memories.
Meghan Trainor is most well known for her #1 hit All About That Bass, and though I love it, I don't think it shows Meghan's talent in its best light compared to this expressive debut. The track "The Best Part" is a sweet interlude, "Bang Dem Sticks" would sound fabulous with a bass enhancer and has a mini 2010 Miley vibe about it, "Walkashame" is a hilarious anecdotal mention of that walk of shame we've all experienced, while "Title" holds the award for the catchiest lyrics of 2015.
Do you like any of these albums?
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