Olivia's Happy Moments #2

February 11, 2015

Here's my second list of happy moments to have graced my life in the past week, it's been rather boring but then at the same time I've appreciated so many of the little things as there was no overhanging happy meter with something amazing ding-a-ling-ing every minute. I'd also like to give a quick shout out to Katie Oldham because her posts/tweets/status' have made me smile and feel motivated more than you could imagine in the past seven days. 
apps: I discovered an app called Comb a few weeks back now but over the past couple of days it's become a source of entertainment and encouragement, it's a fashion app where you 'comb' items you like from celebrities and other bloggers and it selects similar alternatives, perhaps if you couldn't afford the original, and I've found a couple of nice dresses that I'd love to buy on it, you can download it on the app store and find out more information about it here.
opportunities: I've realised that so many things are available to me at the moment and the world really is an oyster that I need to take advantage of. I've attempted and probably failed things that I couldn't dream of two months ago and that makes me smile.

wooly jumpers: The 'fluffy ensemble' that has graced my back this week and kept me warm deserves a sweet little mention, along with my fluffy new coat which I haven't worn often enough. Maybe I'll even do an ootd post when it gets a little warmer? (and the chubbiness falls off my hips)

marina: Week two and I'm already mentioning Marina twice, oops. I found a demo of hers called 'troubled mind' and the sick beat and dark meaning is somehow making me happy but I think it says a lot about me when a song about people in mental hospitals is my track of the week. Oops. If you like weird-ass music you can give it a go here.
katie hopkins: I guess this is self explanatory. I loved her on Big Brother and personally, she should have won as she provided more entertainment than my other kind-of fave, Katie Price. Her interview with the Loose Women ladies made me smile more than it should have too. 
gemma: She's sat next to me in the diner right now and wanted a mention, but she makes me happy so she deserves a mention here (sometimes)
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