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February 04, 2015

As my life becomes more and more hectic, I thought it would be a great idea to document the little and humongous things that make my day here on this blog, if only as a written reminder that amongst essays, applications and teenage drama, great things happen and should be embraced. Yes, I know that most 'happy lists' and the like are posted within the 48 hours we like to call the weekend, but surely that's against the point? Wednesday seemed like a nice day to post because you're half way through - it's nearly the God damn weekend and there's two more days of happy weekdays you can still endure partake in. So, on to the things that made me happy this week...
university: I received my fifth and final university offer from UCAS, now all I need to do is choose my top two!
spotify: I've discovered the shuffle function and the Girls Aloud vs Sugababes playlist on Spotify which may or may not have been on repeat for a whole enrichment afternoon... I also created one of my very first playlists which includes the likes of Meghan Trainor and Marina and the Diamonds along with old The Voice US contestants and Samantha Ronson of all people (!)
music: Talking of Marina, I love the video for I'm A Ruin! If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here - youtube also blessed me with a remix of Froot in my suggestion box, which has become my new jam (link here)
snow: The snow gave me an excuse to wear my battered but oh-so-comfortable Converse trainers and take embarrassing foot selfies - it's always a good excuse to post a #fromwhereistand hashtag right? It's so tempting to run around in the snow right now but its rather cold and having a snowball squashed into my hair in a warm room wasn't comfortable today, so going outside is a no-no.
coffee: I had a lovely afternoon in our local coffee shop on Monday amongst old ladies and excitable selfie obsessed school children who are more obsessed with the way they portray themselves than I am
essays: It's crazy to think but I'm writing this right now with no essays to finish for tomorrow and nothing else to do until I fall asleep with a bang and that makes me feel incredibly satisfied and proud
I would love your opinions on my latest sort-of series and I hope to see y'all soon <3
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  1. Lol you made me laugh when you talked about the coffee shop ! Lol nice post
    abbi x Stealstylist.com

  2. Hi, I've nominated you for the Leibster award, If you want to know what it's about check out my most recent post x



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