Diaries And Dreams

March 16, 2015

 Diaries. Mini scraps of paper filled with angst induced notes and flippant scrawls ready to be reconsumed within ten years as an adult relishes the day they can peek inside the brain they called their own for a matter of moments. Diaries. Twenty years have passed, a child has been born yet you still feel this unnerving notion of helplessness that can only be stifled through looking at your old memories, by relishing in the uncompromising happiness that a seven year old can provide. A diary can show you that life is always worth living, life can prove you incorrect time and time again yet a diary is always there to reflect back on, life can show that though your physical form may not have grown, your inner brain has morphed into a new entity as experiences twist amongst the fibres that keep you together.

I've always attempted to keep tabs on my inner thoughts as I grew up, whether this be through the medium of notes, screwed up in the back of drawers, or through traditional notepads ready to be filled with wishes. Growing up in the twenty first century of an existence, I've also grown to appreciate the ability to write on paper when most discussions now take place on multi coloured flashing screens, and I thank the man above when I realise that in twenty years time, when all is said and done, I have scrawling moments hidden away that I can engross myself in and drink up the emotions I felt all those decades ago.

A few months ago, I won a competition which enabled me to create my own diary, courtesy of Personal Planner. Though it's only been in my possession for mere weeks, it has already changed the way I intend to write and has given me a renewed sense of determination, forcing me to continue writing down memories until my fingers tingle with pain. The pink inlays and added sudoko section make me smile on the weirdest of days, and finally give me something constructive to focus on when even procrastinating is becoming boring. With a direct copy and paste job from my Tumblr page, I managed to create a diary which will stay with me forever, depicting my life in the best way I know how - through the medium of words.
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