HAPPY INTERVIEW: simmyhoonjan

March 06, 2015

This week I'm interviewing Simmy, author of "Simmy Hoonjan." I first found Simmy's blog about six months ago, while looking through my Twitter interactions on both my personal and blog accounts and took a nosy - and aren't I glad I did! Simmy's photography based lifestyle blog never fails to put a smile on my face as I take in her beautiful imagery from across the world and listen to her rambles about GCSE's and life's random questions. Here's the happiness interview, over and out!

What makes you want to get out of bed on a morning?
The idea that I will be able to achieve something and better myself through actions which can make me a between person. I like the idea that we are always changing and as cliché as it sounds - I really want to find myself. Being at secondary school this is extremely hard as the majority of people are fake or only out for themselves however I intend to improve my life daily by being positive and thinking about all of the things that I could accomplish.

Which five music tracks are destined to put a smile on your face and why?
Avril Lavigne - Smile
Blink 182 - All the Small Things
Taylor Swift - The Story of Us
Marina and The Diamonds - Primadonna
MKTO - Classic
Each of these songs have individual meanings to me which is one of the reasons I love music as it has the ability to change my emotions so quickly.

Name the best experience you've had so far in your life and why.
I don't think there is one experience that I can single out however just spending time with people that I care about makes me extremely happy.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years time I will be nineteen years old and therefore an adult. I hope to see myself pursuing my dream of whatever I have chosen to do for myself. This may be university, travelling or just a dream job.

What do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day?
I normally phone my friend Louise because she makes me extremely happy or I will just sit and listen to music to take my mind off things. I also love having baths with bath bombs.

Finally, what is happiness to you?
Happiness to me is something I'm yet to fully achieve. I am currently learning to get rid of the people in my life that don't make me happy and focus on the people that do make me happy even if those friendships have been going on for years. I need to surround myself with people that make me feel better about myself and make me want to get up in the morning.

Thank you so much Simmy! If you would like to partake in the 'happy interview,' give me a shout at xoliviamae@gmail.com and I'll be sure to respond, have a lovely week y'all!
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