Introducing Mark..

March 01, 2015

Mark as a baby.
Today we have a rather special post, brought to you by Jacob Welham, a cheesy 18 year old (happy birthday by the way) who wishes to find his good friend Mark a girl. But not any girl. He wants you. Lets find out some more about Mark...
Mark Suggitt is 18 years old and from a small market town. He is 6ft1, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Mark is currently employed at his dream job, working in the kitchen at a garden centre where he gets special discount of 30% off flowers and 20% off furniture but sorry lads, he only likes women.
Mark is a frequent gym goer resulting in one hot bod, he has a very active social life, often going out with his pals on nights out during the week when he has early mornings. Mark is completely comfortable around animals as he owns two kittens called Bonnie and Clyde which he loves very dearly with all his heart.
Mark will make a good boyfriend because he has a lot of love to give, he has a good sense of humour, he is spontaneous and will always surprise you with something romantic to do. He also has wicked fashion sense. Overall Mark is THE guy for you so if he tickles your fancy get in contact at:
Facebook: Mark Suggitt
Snapchat: MarkSuggitt
Instagram: mark_suggitt
Want to see this face up close? Contact Mark now.
You will not be disappointed.

Hi everybody! This is probably one of the weirdest posts I've ever pressed publish on, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to find our good friend Mark a soul mate. Normal posts will resume tomorrow (thank goodness) and I've got some cracking happy interviews coming up in the next few weeks with the likes of Becky, Nabeela and Lauryn. See you soon!

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