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March 09, 2015

my tumblr account as it stands today - named 'curlsaloud'
I feel oddly reminiscent about times that in real terms, weren't too long ago and I think that's probably because of my age; at seventeen everything is moving and changing but then at the same time, everything is still the same. I wish I could chronicle some of my most important years on social sites like Twitter, but the embarrassed sixteen year old me thought it would be great to permanently delete all tweets as to not preserve any mention of fangirl - but every Tumblr account thankfully still remains which means I can relive awkward moments and disasters through the medium of image instead. Though I'm currently in a bit of a blogging rut, my Tumblr has become active after God knows how many months being left abandoned and alone, though I don't know whether I'll keep updating as it's only ever been used sporadically and I kind of want it to stay that way. Here's a run down of some of the funniest and mind boggling Tumblr memories I seem to remember and their accompanying internet mention..
My Tumblr journey began back in early 2012, when I had a Twitter account under a pseudonym, a love for girl bands and an obsession for cheddars fuelled by one of the members of Parade (I don't expect you to remember them) who also loved them, thanks Sian Charlesworth! *face palms* I don't remember having a big love for Marina but I must have loved her if my account is anything to go by! This was when we all had compulsory PE outside in November, and I remember singing Primadonna while avoiding the hockey ball and taking cheeky pictures of my friends in the goal attack bibs because it said GA for Girls Aloud on them... I was a sad sad girl okay? On the other hand, none of them can deny that they listened to Girls Aloud on a frequent basis ;-)
2013 came and so did my love for girl bands. I became a concert obsessive this year, going to see Little Mix, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, Girls Aloud and Amelia Lily in the space of 2 weeks, while hopping off a plane to see The Wanted and AME who I obsessed over in early 2013 after she hit the charts with Need You 100%, and standing in the rain to see The Saturdays and Conor Maynard in the August. Funnily enough, last Wednesday marked 2 years since I saw Girls Aloud and my complete fave Nadine Coyle in the flesh, which scares me and enthrals me in equal measures, especially as I was only fifteen!

As you can see, in 2014 I grew up. (and according to my little sister, turned into a hipster.) Gone are the girl band mentions, and here to stay are adventure wall hangings, poetry and scenic landscapes. Oh, and Marina Diamondis, who I grew to adore this year for her angsty pop ballads - yes I mean Teen Idle and Starring Role here - alongside her five year old demo tapes that made me physically stop and listen in, proving the power of a vocal chord. This was the year my wanderlust reached magnificent heights that have failed to cease in recent months. This year, 2015, will prove to be the best yet as I smile through happy tears as I transport through mind altering journeys.
What does your Tumblr history look like? 
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  1. Ahh I love tumblr, it's so cool to see how your account has changed over the years!
    (P.S - I remember Parade! 'Louder' was my jam back in 2011 :) )



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