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April 06, 2015

Never in my life have I expected to turn the television on and see my face. Never in my life have I expected to walk into a canteen to be asked whether the same face they saw gracing their screens the night before was yours truly. But then I never imagined that I'd have jumped  on a plane to New York City in the past week either, and that definitely happened, just like the aforementioned television gig. That's right, I've been appearing on 4Music for over four weeks now and I still can't comprehend it.

From asking Charli XCX a question on 'Face The Fans: Charli XCX' to requesting a track on 'Your4Music' and featuring on the 'Your4Music' promotional advert, I've popped up on a screen more times than I'd like to admit and if you listen hard enough, you may have also heard me scream all the way from my house in Yorkshire. Supposedly I made my English teachers' ears bleed when I yelped in one of her lessons after capturing a glimpse of my head on my phone screen (whoops.)
It's an experience I always wished to have and I've got 1000 thoughts rushing through my brain on the topic yet I cannot place them into concise sentences yet and I think this astounds me too. I'll leave you with the two videos I have managed to find of yours truly if you care enough to want to see my face again and again and again.
Charli XCX - Face The Fans, first premiered 2nd March 2015.
A video posted by livs (@xoliviamae) on

"Your 4Music", first premiered 16th March 2015.
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