Reflecting On A New York City Trip

April 02, 2015

The past week has been one of the most surreal moments of my whole life. Never in my eighteen immature and obnoxious years did I expect to walk across the hallowed streets of New York City at such a young age, nor did I expect to see sights only previously noted in movie theatres across the land with my own eyes. From the first glimpses of Times Square last Friday evening to the final moment when we signed out of the hotel and left the city that never sleeps for the final time, I don't think my feet stopped moving once as I was overtaken by the sheer force of where I was. I was in NEW YORK CITY.
New York is the most beautiful city I've ever seen, filled to the brim with larger than life buildings and cyclists who deserved speeding tickets a long time ago. Our feet were pounding on pavements (or sidewalks) for hours and hours a day and I didn't even care, I was seeing everything I had always dreamt of seeing and I do not regret the aches I am still affected by one week later as they are living proof that my little eyes have actually absorbed some of the great imagery and atmosphere which was so thick it could be cut with a knife.
Though the accommodation was subpar and I managed to lose most of my voice for a day whilst also having a great badass cold, the trip has given me a travel bug and it is the only bug I have gathered during this trip that I never want to leave on a foreign border. The bright lights in the big city have totally captured my heart in a way that I never expected beforehand and I wish to one day return, perhaps only to try one of the coveted New York pretzels. Seeing sights such as the Statue of Liberty, which are so historic yet so intertwined in modern day culture has forced me to look at myself hard in the face and wonder about what I really want from life. Do I want to travel? Do I want to attempt to sing and make up records about men from England in the hope of achieving a dime from a passer by? It's left me thinking and I think I'm going to have a sit down with myself about life and dreams and mystery, because however much I hate to say it, YOLO really does exist and if theories are to be believed, you only do live once in this existence and I would hate to waste every magical moment which is just waiting for a single being to catch it and use it to their full potential.
Over the next few weeks I hope to update you all on our trip of a lifetime to New York City and the most important capital city in the world, Washington DC, I'm also having a go at editing some vlogs which hopefully turn out as magical as they seemed while we were filming. They will appear on my Youtube channel which you can subscribe to me at here.
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  1. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! I have wanted to go to new york for ages and so I love looking at your photos :D fab post!! Xx

    1. It was absolutely the best experience I've had in my life, minus the coughing fits I seemed to possess every two minutes! Gaaaah #hastobeme

  2. Anonymous13.4.15

    Great pictures! I've never been to New York but I definitely want to go some day soon :-)


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