REVIEW: Marina and the Diamonds, Froot

April 27, 2015

As I've mentioned before, I fell in love with Marina Diamondis the second I saw her video for 'Hollywood' back in 2010, and continued to love her through her Tumblr-esque Electra Heart era, which every hipster and their best friend adored. I don't know what it is about her, whether it's her unique vocal sound, frank opinions or rather baffling vocal range that keeps me coming back for more. Her third commercial album "Froot" was written completely alone, a rarity in the pop world that I admire extremely, and from the lyrics you can tell that it was therapeutic to write and enjoy. Here's my review!

HAPPY: Happy is an emotion filled ballad which as an opener to an album, is a rather perplexing choice because it doesn't exactly make you want to smile, yet I think the point of it was to force the fans to listen to the lyrics rather than the beat - and the lyrics are rather poignant, showing how Marina is finally 'happy.' Knowing Marina, the choice of ballad over a heavy beat is probably so she can juxtapose the sadness and happiness.. but what do I know!?
FROOT: Froot, on the other hand, was the one song that made me incredibly excited to hear this album. Reminiscent of 70's fruit machines, Froot is 5 minutes and 27 seconds of electro goodness, using the basis of nature to explore love. With a slick production and equally cool remixes available online, Froot may be one of the most versatile songs I've heard all year.
I'M A RUIN: I'm A Ruin was one of the Froot of the Month tracks, and at first glance it reminded me heavily of the aforementioned Happy, which didn't exactly please me. The opening verse appears drab, but by the minute mark the song explodes into a plethora of keyboards and soaring vocals which continue throughout the record. It's a grower, but after a week you will fall in love. Trust me. 
BLUE: Just like Happy, Blue certainly doesn't live up to its name. The hook of "Give me love, give me dreams, give me a good self esteem, give me good and pure, what you waiting for?" is fabulous and threads the whole track together, actually making me want to get up and dance.
FORGET: Forget doesn't have an opening charade to prepare you for the chorus, preferring to jump straight in to the soaring vocals of Miss Diamondis. The whole song is very I'm A Ruin esque yet so much better, this is probably a hated opinion but it makes I'm A Ruin look like a demo track and this is the perfect finished product. Worth a listen or hundred.
GOLD: Sticking with the colours for track names theme, Gold won't win any awards but it is nice to listen to on a late afternoon.
CAN'T PIN ME DOWN: I'm heavily biased here, but Can't Pin Me Down is my favourite song on the album along with Better Than That. Marina also sounds pretty fabulous swearing which shouldn't be a reason to like a song but when you don't expect it, she sounds hilarious yet incredibly upper class which makes me smile - 'you can call my bluff, tie my back up motherfucker.'
SOLITAIRE: Solitaire would be a perfect ending to a angst filled movie, the extended opening would lend itself well to a slow fade out on the big screen while the darkness of a cinema would allow the listener to truly appreciate the production. It's not a song I choose to listen to on a daily basis, yet if I came up on shuffle I wouldn't leap for the skip button.
BETTER THAN THAT: As I mentioned above, I love Better Than That. Some are saying that it's written about Ellie Goulding, yet I don't really understand why. It's a mid tempo electro infused jumpy record which lends itself quite nicely to my voice very early on a Monday morning when I'm wanting to wake everybody up with my horrendous singing.
WEEDS: Weeds is another ballad which I can give and take. The chorus is nice, but I'm not in love or anything, I wouldn't choose to put it on but I'd listen to it if it came up.
SAVAGES: Savages is a song that I do like. This will sound completely ridiculous, but you know when every word sounds like a new sentence as its so choppy? Yup, this is what this song sounds like but I rather like it.
IMMORTAL: Immortal is yet again a weird ending which I enjoyed but didn't expect to. It makes me feel kind of melancholy, it makes me want to reflect on each crevice of my existence and I don't know whether this is a good thing or not but it makes me feel weird. Like I can see the world flashing between my eyes but at the same time I'm engrossed completely in the present. Maybe my head's just fucked up. I don't know.
Overall rating: 7/10
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