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May 20, 2015

With two of my seven exams over, and every single piece of coursework sent off, I've finally got a chance to sit down and write for this blog. My weeks have been spent frantically putting finishing touches to essays which will never get me an A, whilst attempting to keep my head above water and my eyes open as exams rush up and disappear around me, much like the waves in the sea. It's funny really, how two years of extra curricular revision and motivation is being regurgitated and splurging out of my head in a somewhat coherent way to give me a mark that decides whether I am able and lovely enough to pursue a career that may not exist right now.
In the midst of this, I have curiously watched election broadcasts and read manifestos until my inbuilt common sense could take no more, resulting in my vote actually meaning something rather than being a simple tick in a box. My bank balance has lowered after the introduction of student discount in H&M (thank you Uni Days!) alongside a beautiful spring / summer Miss Selfridge drop, whilst over in drinks land I have found both my favourite alcoholic concoction and soft drink choice - the former being vodka and pineapple juice and the latter shown above in the form of an Oasis bottle. Nonetheless, I'm still a firm advocate of Diet Cola and will be for a long time, much to my thigh's dismay.
On the topic of thighs, Olivia Curls will continue to mention slightly controversial topics alongside weird teenage rambles and well thought out notes when I return to 'proper' blogging after my final exams in June. I've got two mini projects that I'm working on currently, and have an idea for Youtube videos that makes me laugh every time I think of it so hopefully I'll get around to embarrassing myself again on this little corner of the web sometime soon. Good luck to those of you facing the peril of exams, hopefully we can join each other in a virtual 'thank goodness you made it' high five when I'm back from this little break (well, I say break....) #revisionqueen
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