May 08, 2015

That's Groovy, written by Sophie is a new find of mine, and I'm glad I was linked to it. Sophie's blog is filled with fashion notes, whether this be a wish list lusting over crochet, or an outfit post filled with delightful pictures showing off Sophie's eclectic style which would be at home on a hipster's Tumblr dashboard. Here's Sophie's happy interview!
What makes you want to get out of bed on a morning?
I love the thought of being able to make the day exactly what you want it to be and create experiences that you did not foresee yesterday. If it's sunny which it has been lately that alone can get me out of bed, I can just run outside and soak up the vibes...
Which five music tracks are destined to put a smile on your face and why?
1. Suffragette City - David Bowie // I love this is song so much and it makes  feel smile every time I listen to it.
2. Do You Love Me - The Contours // How can a person not be happy when listening to this?
3. Blue Monday - New Order // I first heard this at a party last year and since then it's always been the one I put on to get people moving.
4. Hit That Jive - Gramatik // Old yet new, definitely one to dance to.
5. When You See Me Hurt - Carl Lester // A rare beauty, soul-filled goodness, just try listening to this without smiling.
Name the best experience you've had so far in your life and why.

When I saw the Rolling Stones live at Glastonbury in 2013 is by far the greatest experience I've ever had. I was with my brother surrounding by hundreds of thousands of people all together and I just felt so happy! The whole weekend actually was possibly the best of my life, there were so many people and being a festival - it's always going to the best place in the world. If there's one thing I could recommend, it's Glastonbury festival.
Where do you see yourself in five years time?

That's a hard one! I'm not really sure for now but hopefully I can see myself being at an arts university, perhaps living in  a city and still blogging of course! I want to do a lot of travelling in the next few years and see even more of the world, and also it would be nice to keep contact with a lot of my close friends I have at the moment.

What do you do to pick yourself up after a bad day?

I usually go home, cook myself some comfort food and sit in bed listening to David Bowie on my record player. Tea also. However, I like to believe that there is no such thing as a bad day because there are positive moments in every day that may take a little bit more concentration to notice. Either way, Bowie and food and my bed is still a groovy thing.
Finally, what is happiness to you?

Happiness to me is bringing everyone together, intertwining lives and experiences and making the most of what you have. If I ever have negative thoughts I just have to stop and think about how lucky I really am in life to be surrounded by such amazing people and experiences. I also like to think about the small things in life too, like a ray of sunshine or a compliment from a friend, which can help me get through the day. And happiness is all around, you just have to look for it.

Thank you Sophie! If you would like to complete a happy interview, contact me at xoliviamae@gmail.com and I will reply as soon as possible!

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