BEAUTY: First Impressions #1

June 25, 2015

Collection Little Mix Love: All About The Eyes Palette
Collection: Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette
Benefit: They're Real Mascara
Ted Baker: Pout And Prejudice Lipstick in 'Red'
At first, I loved the Little Mix Love eyeshadow palette as it featured a lovely range of different shades which all worked rather well to accentuate my eyelids, yet after a while I suddenly developed a hatred for it, perhaps because many of the colours are shimmer based and therefore more suited for a night time look rather than a day base - and also because I finally got my hands on the newer Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette which is like a godsend to my eyelids. Retailing for only £2.99, it's a bargain in a box as it's purpose can be multi functional, something that unfortunately the Little Mix Love pack failed to become with its shimmery tones, because unfortunately, glittery eyebrows work for nobody.
The Benefit: They're Real Mascara is one that's been hyped up and then hyped up ten times more, so I bought it. What a big mistake. I hate it. It's clumpy, it's ugly, it refuses to come off and when it does come off, it takes an eyelash with it. The big selling point for this is the long lash look, but I did not once sense that my lashes were longer than if I'd plastered a bog standard Superdrug alternative on my lashes. In fact, my other Benefit mascara, the Rollerlash, elongates my lashes much more that this waste of £25 could ever do. I'm sure it's great for some people, but I wouldn't even wish it on an enemy. It's awful.
I don't have amazing first opinions of the Ted Baker: Pout and Prejudice Lipstick either if I'm perfectly honest. I liked the colour, as it's more of a coral red whereas my normal red lipsticks are usually royally red and it's stickability is good, my Rimmel lipstick usually disappears the second I eat food yet this one stuck around for a few hours yet its downfall is the texture. Nobody has perfect lips and the second they begin to chap, this lipstick is useless as it accentuates it and personally, I would rather hide my chapped lips rather than show them off.
Do you like these sort of posts and have you tried any of these products?
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MUSIC: June Playlist

June 23, 2015

June Mixtape · Via Youtube
This month's playlist is rather generic which surprises me because according to my head, all I've listened to this month is alternative jazz and folk - yet my most listened to record disputes this fact and according to trusty Itunes, these are my tracks of the month. Fifth Harmony have grown on me indescribable amounts in the past few weeks, and their Spanish version of 'Don't Wanna Dance Alone' is now a new favourite for sure, I've even gone as far to learn the lyrics which I'm proud about. I went to see The Vamps on Saturday with two friends who were amazing (round up post to come) and the Thong Song needs no explaining right? IT'S SO CATCHY. As I said in this post here I believe music can chance a situation and shouldn't be taken for granted, so here's the songs that made me happy and want to be alive this month.
Taylor Swift - Safe & Sound
Fifth Harmony - Worth It
Rixton - Thong Song
Charlie XCX - Sucker
Fifth Harmony - Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy
Little Mix - Black Magic
Das Sound Machine - Light Em Up
Camp Rock 2 - Can't Back Down
The Vamps - Move My Way
You can listen to the playlist here.
See you soon! 
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