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August 22, 2015

Personal Planner A5 Diary*
Casio Gold Digital Watch
IPod Nano
IPhone 4S
Primark Flower Tipped Earphones  
To be frank, my life is a mess at the moment. Ten thousand dreams, plans and momentous occasions are currently crammed and swimming around my mind at a hundred miles an hour as I begin to comprehend the change I am taking in my life in a matter of weeks. If it wasn't for the following items, I honestly would have no idea what I would be doing with my life - amid driving lessons, two jobs, collecting A Level results and organising life post compulsory education, I have also enjoyed days and evenings out with close friends and eaten so much good food - yet I still haven't got everything planned and sorted and that's where the products above come in handy.
I first featured my diary (from Personal Planner) in a post detailing the importance of writing your life to retain precious memories (you can read it here) and five months later the sheets of paper are still as prevalent in my life as they were when the post was written. As a child who was unable to stick to one notebook for too long, I am proud of myself for maintaining usage of this diary rather than throwing it into the back of a draw after the honeymoon period was over. The large pages with ample room to detail thoughts and plans are perfect for my adventure filled days, and though I hate to say it, the pink and white shaded pages allow me to maintain the perfect Tumblr aesthetic - something that obviously is important to me hahah *cowers in embarrassment*
As a teenage girl, I am expected to be glued to my mobile device at every moment, yet I love my IPhone for many reasons other than those that involve communication. Though the camera is shoddy and the battery life is abysmal, it's something that I can call mine as it is completely personalised to my very needs, even if that does mean I haven't done an 'important update' since I bought it and never will. My IPhone is there when I need music yet don't have access to my IPod - aka it's out of battery - and is ready to pounce if I find an Instagram ready landscape that is crying out to be photographed. My IPod on the other hand doesn't do anything apart from play music, which I adore as it means I can shut out the world for hours on end with a simple tap of the start button. I believe it has the capacity to upload photos - but who wants to see photos on a music player? Not me for sure.
So these are the items I use everyday to keep my life on track - are any of these similar to what you use? Tell me in the comments or tweet me your responses to @olivia_curls!
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  1. Anonymous22.8.15

    I've just stumbled across your blog, I love it! I also love this post, really like the planner as well. Good look for life after post compulsory education :) Angelica x

  2. your planner is so cute, the collage looks so cool! Also, I love your iPhone case, where is it from? x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. Oh my days I relate to this post so much haha! I have so many plans and things I want to do with my life but most the time it stays in my head. I'm forever changing planners and notebooks, and forgetting about them after the "honeymoon period" too but I've just got a gorgeous new one and hope I can stick with it. Loved this post!!

    Angi |

  4. Like you, i love to make sure that everything is as organised as possible because other wise it just stresses me out. That planner is great:)

    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog


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