Paper Towns UK Film Review

August 23, 2015

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Young and shy Quentin (Nat Wolff) is in for the night of his life when Margo (Cara Delevingne), the most popular student in high school, recruits him to help her play mischievous pranks on the friends who betrayed her. The next day, however, the mysterious Margo is nowhere to be found. With help from a few buddies and some cryptic clues that she left behind, Quentin embarks on an obsessive mission to find the girl who stole his heart and made him feel truly alive.
As I stepped into the movie theatre, I could feel the air of excitement rush over me as over a hundred young people sat in anticipation for what was said to be the teen movie of the year. Released to rave reviews over in the United States, the whole screen sat through countless damn Compare the Meerkat advertisements in order to witness what was meant to be the best teen film since, well the last John Green movie. Except that wasn't what it turned out to be.
Talking with friends afterwards, we decided that it was overhyped as in reality, the book wasn't that good to begin with. Not that I've read the book, something which some will look down on me for, yet I believe that for me to give a proper review based on the film it would be better to be viewing the storyline with fresh eyes. And I did.
At times, the movie felt a little like a hair commercial, courtesy of Cara Delevingne's slow motion hair flicks and model like poses which were over exaggerated by the zoomed in camera angles and focus on her fluid body movements. Yet in some respects, I do believe that this attention to detail in the camera shots was what made the movie special. It felt curated rather than just filmed, but then at the same time because of this, the film didn't feel like it had a clear beginning, middle and ending, it just flowed through and before you knew it, the credits were rolling.
I did enjoy the friendship between the three boys, Quentin, Marcus and Ben - as did the whole cinema screen it seemed as there were a few laughs to be heard as Ben urinated and puked up in both a vase and a can whilst drunk, and I enjoyed the feel good vibe the film gave out yet I just don't know whether I loved it.
The storyline was enjoyable yet at the same time forgettable as it had few strands which needed to be tied up at the end as every part of the movie was focussed on finding the main character Margo - although this was the films purpose, it in some respects was its downfall also. Perhaps by having side storylines which weren't discussed once and never again would have improved the film.
I would probably give it a 6.5/10 as although the acting was good, it isn't a film I'd choose to buy on DVD unless it was in the bargain bins.
Have you seen Paper Towns? What did you think of it?
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