MUSIC: An Essay On Music And Inspiration

December 11, 2015

Gazing at the mobile that a fellow blogger kindly branded 'the typical blogger phone', I realised that my blogging game has deteriorated so drastically in the last few months that I felt ashamed to even call myself an author of my own words, let alone a blogger. I felt disgusted at myself, at the way I'd let a hobby such as this fall to the wayside when it should have been flying high, which is something I have drafted into a post escaping from the clutches of my 'to be posted' folder in the coming week.
A large problem of mine is that I am unable to fight for something unless it pulls at the beings inside of me, unless every thought of its existence brings out a feeling from the bottom of my lungs that will not escape until I do something about it. Yet another problem of mine is that I rely heavily on senses to bring out that feeling inside of me, I rely on pain and glee and similar hard hitting emotions that float in between, I rely on chords and spine tingling notes to bring my senses alive.
These are just a small selection of the songs that bring my senses alive. Many are there in a sense to operate reverse psychology on my heart - notably So Stupid by The Saturdays, a cringe inducing song that for lack of a better word, tells me how stupid I really am (even though it is meant to be aimed at an idiotic boyfriend.) Best Of Me, Victorious, Live Life Now, On A Mission, Bet On It, Wake Up, Grown and Confident all exist in their basic form to help you persevere, no matter what life is throwing at you, whereas the remainder of songs included in the playlist are there as they all hold a personal connection that I fail to understand sometimes.
La La Land reminds me to laugh at celebrity culture as I get in an internal debate with myself at its soaring pros and ridiculously disgusting cons, whereas the end instrumental from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, titled There Are Worse Games To Play / Deep In The Meadow / The Hunger Games Suite is included as it somehow relaxes me - I don't know why either. Perhaps the symbolism behind the orchestral piece has struck a chord, or maybe its because I know what the song represents to me, what has happened in my own life in the four years that this single track takes inspiration from. Misery Business and Fuck You are songs for the fighter in me, whereas Happy Hour sends me back to a time where I idolised a fictional character and this song was the musical version of her, thereby influencing my decisions as I think of what this character achieved. Hoxton Heroes and Live And Let Die also give me memories that force me to continue, inspire me to keep moving on.
If you wish to listen to my Inspirational Songs playlist, you can do via the Spotify widget below.

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  1. When I saw Bet On It & Victorious, I was like no way it's the songs I'm thinking of but I've been playing those two so much recently.
    I recommend (albums) That's The Spirit (BMTH) & Sounds Good Feels Good (5SOS), their very deep & personal albums which I've been loving recently.

    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah! Looks like I've found a fellow Panic at the Disco / pop punk lover - yay! I'm glad somebody else admits to listening to High School Musical too - I thought it was just me and my little sister! Thank you for the recommendations, I'll give them a listen! I've got 5SOS' first album which I enjoyed so I'm sure I'll love the second one too😇 Thanks for reading! xx


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