January 25, 2016

~~ sunrise ~~
Looking out of my bedroom window, I release an audible sigh as I contemplate the events yet to take place in the day. It's 6:54am, and I'm late. Very late. Having slept through four alarms and countless repeats of Confident by Demi Lovato, there's little time for breakfast, let alone make up and hair styling. I'm looking at darkness, a black vapid expanse of nothingness, but I don't feel down. I feel tired, but alive. And I think that's because of what's to come next. The belief of being awake before the world. Knowing that I might be awake, but many of the worlds creatures are not. Well, until sunrise anyway.
Grabbing an 8am commuter train is something many would consider a nightmare, but I unashamedly adore it. I relish in the fact that at 7:35am I will be walking down ice ridden streets, barely illuminated by street lamps as mellow in colour as washed out linen, with little other to disturb my journey than rustlings of trees and the odd vehicle speeding down the lanes I inhabit every morning for only a matter of minutes.
I adore the fact that I get to see what few others will: the sunrise. The raising of colours and light across a town that only minutes previously was submerged in natural darkness, the beginnings of a new day and the removal of the night. I get to see our local river, which during the cloud filled days looks dirty and misused, bathed in orange and yellow light reflected through the overgrown bushes that threaten to fall into the depths of the water, I get to see the skate park filled with nothing but wildlife, with rabbits jumping over the metal structures rather than tracksuit bottom wearing humans.
Once arriving at the station, I get to hop onto a train so jam packed with people there are customers loitering in the aisles, knowing that by the time I arrive at my destination, the world will be alive and stores will be open to the masses, the brief tranquillity of my sunrise walk almost forgotten in the fog that is everyday life.
And that's why I like sunrise. The idea of colours mashing together to create beauty in a once desolate environment is something I adore, and I encourage you to wake before the birds one morning so you can appreciate it too.

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