This Week I... #2

January 28, 2016

~~ This Week I #2 ~~
Here's what I've been up to these past couple of weeks...
  • Last Wednesday I skipped a lecture so I could speed around town in the car and take my driving test, which meant another 7am wake up call and copious amount of caffeine before hopping in the car. Thankfully I passed the test first time although I made an idiot of myself on the test route and kept making sarcastic comments about myself under my breath... whoops.
  • On Saturday I went on a beautiful night out with two of my favourite people, so a big hello to El and Amber if you're reading. The picture of us above was actually taken before we went out, and I look drunk as heck already which is amusing as I really didn't think I was...
  • Fell in love with Zoe London's new website design which I deliberately found a computer for so I could experience the full 'magazine style' layout. It really is truly beautiful and something I wish I could achieve with my limited coding skills - I also love the 'track of the day' feature that's now present in her blog posts as personally I prefer the music/lifestyle side of blogs rather than the fashion side as don't you think fashion blogging has become very samey in recent years?
  • I went to see The Danish Girl in the cinemas which was a weird ass film but nobody else seems to feel the same way as me about it, you can read my review of the film here.
  • I also watched Joy and the second film in the Hunger Games series again this week, the latter only because I couldn't work out how to use my own television which I've had for quite a few years and needed a film with dark lighting to test the brightness settings out on.. it turns out I am an idiot and still to this day I have no idea how to make a dark film actually viewable. Sigh.
  • Something else also happened this week which is really big but I can't remember it... but if I do I'll include it in next weeks, as I say I really am an idiot.
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