Missed Moments Of Spring 2016

May 30, 2016

Starting to write on here after one too many months is proving ridiculously difficult and I'm a little worried I've lost my blogging mojo, if I'm completely honest. I might have spent the best part of three years working on writing and dreaming up big dreams, but this time of year I always start to pack it all away and give up. It's like a reflex inside of me. I just stop. It's like writing is too difficult in the months of Spring and I'm too focused on quantitative equations rather than emotion and film and me and shit that I actually thought matter only days previously. 

So here's what I've missed in Spring. A mid length, true to life monologue of the past three months in less than 500 words.

March began with the Langwith Spring Formal at the Royal York Hotel, which was fancy as hell and featured wine borrowing (oops) and a hell of a lot of charity fundraising. Me and Meg painted the town red in York, I took a jaunt to the seaside town of Whitby and my lil Dingo gals had a long overdue catch up as we became reaquainted with the peacocks of Flamingo Land. Before term broke up at uni, me and Fran had a lovely all expenses paid afternoon tea with EY - thanks guys! - and I finished at the cinema with a film evening of How To Be Single and pizza. (Do I admit to falling asleep during the film here?) The month finished with a press trip to see Eddie the Eagle before release (thank you Metro!), essay writing, Swift Soc committee meetings, an exploration of Kings Manor and Subways in the city with El which were hella cute as always.

April started with people criticising my parking, yet more nights out and pass the parcel games featuring condoms and truth/dares. I had my first Groovy Moo of the year (AKA BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD) and tasted the most disgusting shot of my life at the local Mexican. Me and Fran explored campus once more and discovered the beauty of Derwent College in the sun, while I finally realised the beauty of Street Angels as I received my first hand stiched pair of flip flops after yet another night in heels. I spent a day at my local theme park, successfully organised our first ever Taylor Swift Society event and experienced my first ever Marmite night on campus. April came to an end with a lovely event at The Body Shop Scarborough (post coming soon!), meet ups with Harvey, and a feature in The Times about the benefits of social media which I'm still uber excited about.

May began with a fab Sunday Revs, revision and a trip to the new Primark store at Monks Cross days before opening (#perks). I realised that a face swap with Jennifer Lawrence was possible with Snapchat's new filter, and took advantage of a life size Katniss Everdeen I managed to blag from work with a sick 'you look fab girl on fire' shot. Me and Emilia came prepared with Cava and wine glasses to our final exam of the year, and began the summer as it meant to go on with a shook up wine bottle and an explosion at 3:30 in the afternoon. McDonalds in hand, Fran finally explored (read:sunbathed) in Museum Gardens, while Bronte and I managed to go on a night out in the same. damn. coat. Similar taste problems. Last but not least, I took the trek up to Middlesbrough, and work received emails about me because I'm supposedly 'personable and friendly'. God these last few months have been busy. 

Looking at this and reciting the previous three months makes me feel less guilty for not blogging, as what I have done is experience life and tribulations and smiles and I'd like to say I've become a better person for it. What has your Spring been like? Leave your thoughts in the comments and I'll be sure to get back to you, I'm gonna be more active round these parts although social media posts may be sparse due to a new thinking in life... lets wait and see xxx

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