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5 Free Things To Do In York

July 30, 2016

Goodramgate, York 
York is so beautiful. It's been voted one of the best places to live in the country, it's had hundreds of accolades in recent years about its cleanliness and hospitality, and I'm kinda proud to admit that I spend half of the year there (thanks A level grades). Like every other tourist filled city, it's hella expensive if you don't know what you're looking for - so here's some of my favourite places to go where you don't have to spend any pounds to have a great day.

1. National Railway Museum
Sneakily located down a side parade not far from the railway station, you can easily fit in a quick walk around the beautiful old vehicles at 1pm and still have time to make it back for the 13.41 train to Scarborough, as I've somehow learnt through months of commuting. It's not huge, but it's of such a size that you can wander around and not feel overwhelmed or bored, two things I usually find with huge museums. My personal favourite area of the building is where they keep all of the vintage posters and memorabilia signs (I even follow a vintage advertisement page on Linkedin, cringe) and it's always totally dead because everybody else is looking at TRAINS. Whereas I look at pictures of trains on a poster. Woo.

2. Goodramgate
If you're a local, you're probably shaking your head at me for even suggesting going down Goodramgate. Until six months ago, I probably wouldn't have cared to go down there either, to me it was just the street I walked through to get to the car park filled with charity shops and a Tesco Express. But once you start exploring, you realise it's one of the cutest streets in York, maybe because it's not overpopulated with DSLR wielding tourists. From Goodramgate, you get beautiful external views of the Minster without the crowds, two stairwells to the city walls, and Instagram worthy shots from some of the oldest buildings in the city. 

3. City Wall Walks
It seems like walking round the city walls is a rite of passage for every York student, with our course lecturers even forcing us to follow clues around the city, passing by every key sight in the city (yes, I'm talking about you, Salt n Pepper). I wore heels that day and it was horrible, pls don't be like me and wear sensible shoes as you partake in miles and miles of walking :) :) :) 

4. York Festivals
Every month of the year brings another festival to the city centre, bringing the area which once held the only meeting point of 14 year olds (rest in peace, beautiful fountain) to life once more. This month hosted the Great Yorkshire Fringe, where national performers gathered on stages across town to bring laughter to the masses, towards Christmas there are hella beautiful markets filled with trinkets and a guy who somehow pedals on his bike and makes bedroom signs while doing it? So cool :) 

5. Explore Museum Gardens + Surrounding Area
I've clumped a whole part of town into one bullet point - Museum Gardens is one of the nicest places to be on a warm summers day, especially when there's a breeze from the river. A river walk is lovely too if that's your kinda thing, but if not the York Library is a white walled building of fabulousness for nerds like me :) :) :) (also visit kings manor even though it's my little secret hideaway)

Be a tourist and don't be afraid to do the cheap stuff, have fun gals x

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