the media personality of jennifer lawrence

September 14, 2016

jennifer lawrence is probably one of the most famous women in the world, partly due to her acting skills - yet mostly due to the absolutely fab job her pr team have done in making her the 'it girl' of the twenty first century.

i love jlaw, don't get me wrong, but sometimes i can't stomach the obvious over acting of a woman whose acting skills alone brought us into our minds and television screens. for a woman who is making a living out of acting, i somehow feel as if she's given up trying to be the meme like creature we saw back as late as 2014, and is now just... a poor imitation??

but that's probably because everybody changes as they grow up, right? even today i find that i've changed so much since i was seventeen, at that age i had seen nothing of the world and barely spoke to the people who now make up some of my closest friends, and now at nineteen, two years on, i can safely say that i'm a better and more rounded person.

is this what jennifer lawrence thinks? that she's changed too? i don't know. i'm not her.

to say i've probably seen 90% of every jlaw interview existing on youtube, i'd like to say i know what we should probably class as her 'media personality' pretty well... (not as well as ariana grande but yanno) but surely if she'd changed so much, she'd reveal it on jimmy fallon instead of making a half arsed impersonation of a girl she used to be?

i guess this is all about keeping a slice of yourself away from the world, away from judgement and media pressures. heck, if i was famous i'd probably keep a bit of me hidden away too, but if i was a good actress (i'm not) i'd bloody hope i'd make 'media me' at least a little convincing.

because if i didn't, i'd lose my job.
just like she is, i guess.

hating on jlaw is becoming a trend i've spotted one too many times on twitter.

which is surprising, because two years ago a twitter search would have come up with praise and oscar tumble gifs. but as i said, everyone changes, right?

maybe the world has grown up. just like jennifer lawrence has grown up, i suppose.
i'm just a little sad her media personality hasn't

the odds just haven't been in her favour recently, since the golden globe misunderstanding.

hopefully passengers promo will help the world understand this highest paid actress a little more

or maybe she will just become a gif of the past, just like amanda seyfried's 'i'm a mouse... duh'.

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