looking forward to year two of uni

October 06, 2016

it's crazy to think that i'm starting my second year of university in a matter of weeks, on a course that hates me as much as i love it. it's freaking me out that in two years i will be hopefully teaching people to believe in themselves, unlike many of the teachers who taught me. it's so surreal.

year two of uni is going to be much better than first year - mainly because i'll be driving a car to lectures rather than hopping on one too many forms of public transport to reach heslington east, my departmental home.

my course - bsc business and management -  is now going to involve the things that truly interest me, and i might even be falling in love with quantitative methods, aka the wednesday 9am from hell.

i mean, lectures are going to be hard. i know that.

but i'm looking forward to the challenge.

i'm already planning the freshers events i need to attend, i'm already planning for a action packed year. the universities' radio station really interests me, as does the student cinema as i've rediscovered my love for film.

obviously i'll still be attending swiftsoc, aka the universities society dedicated to taylor swift, of which i'm a committee member. hopefully i'll be happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way once again this semester.


week two of university has now begun, and along with it has brought happiness and tribulations.

i've attended society meetings which i was silly enough to not attend in the last academic year, and i think i am finally finding my feet again in a city dominated by salvo wednesdays and monday 9ams.

hopefully this semester's classes will teach me as much about math as i hope to teach me about myself.

or maybe, once again, uni will be crazy.

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