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December 08, 2016

As I look out onto a sea of textbooks borrowed from the library (fifteen to be exact) and a horribly full to-do list, I wonder why the hell I'm deciding to write a blog post. It's the last thing I should be doing right now - there's about 30 tabs open on 3 different browsers and my lunch sounds like it's boiling over on the hob. Yet I'm still here, writing. Maybe it's to inspire me to write more of my essay, maybe writing about something that's not statistics related will spur me on. Maybe I've finally realised that when I want to write, I need to write before that buzz inside of me dies out. 

I mean, I've read a lot of things recently, very few of them blog posts but reading any sentences bundled together to create meaning is good, right? I've discovered FictionPress, a website dedicated to little drabbles and a few multi-chapter gems, which is taking up too much of my life but as I say, if a paragraph makes me think, it's a freaking fabulous one. Multiple paragraphs? Even better.

I suppose this is a little blog ode to the written word. It might be short, but all the best syllables are. I've got four syllables in my name, and it's four more weeks till my essay is due in. Maybe I should be getting back to it. Still don't love you, @ statistics. See you next time for more disjointed thoughts.

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