twenty sixteen

December 12, 2016

I can't believe the year is over. I can't. 
Twenty sixteen started 12 months ago... 
and now it's over.
I just can't begin to even fathom it.
It's crazy.
How the hell has a year managed to pass by so quickly!?

My life has changed so dramatically in three hundred and sixty five days - the only thing that's stayed constant this year is my love for pop music and Jennifer Lawrence films, and the latter is waning day by day. I find it kind of petrifying. Yes, petrifying. That's the right word.

Maybe this is what the adults call growth? Am I finally growing up? I must be in some mental way, because I sure as hell aren't in height. So that's another thing 2016 hasn't changed. Three things have stayed as menially safe as possible this past year. Three whole things.

Twenty sixteen started with three exams and a stinking hangover from yet another night out at home where farmers think it's cool to throw beer through the air (remind me why I reside in a market town?)

Those exams were aced, my town was flooded, and it was February before things were back to normal. I sat my driving test during flood month. I passed. How crazy is that!? I passed my driving test in January and thank my lucky star everyday. 

I bought a car. I learnt a lot about myself in different situations and different roles, and looking back on my initial reasonings and apprehension - I understand why I was scared. Doing something new had always been a bugbear of mine, but now I can finally say I'm ready to do anything, ready to train to be a better worker and a number one Linkedin warrior.

(Linkedin is my new motivational tool. Who'd have thought?)

I had my nineteenth birthday on the same day I have it every year, and I finally visited Scotland. It wasn't as cold as I expected, but that's probably because I wore a coat (yes NYC in March trip, I'm looking at you)

I ended up on TV again for 4Music a couple of times and finally became a published journalist for The Times (!) - yup, can't believe it either. 

Looking back, this year has been good. I've made a lot of new friends, and learnt a lot about myself. My grades came out at uni and I was pleased, but I'm a perfectionist and won't be happy until I reach 100%. I'm that girl. Sorry.

Summer was manic, and the beginnings of the rest of my life finally came together. I'm annoyed I can't talk about it, but only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead, so sorry. Maybe next time. 

Back at uni, I became elected secretary of the Taylor Swift Society and course rep for (have a guess) my course. For somebody who refused to go for anything 'official' throughout school, it's a little bit crazy how my brain thought it was okay to run for not one but two positions -  there's been no rest for the wicked here. 

I was featured in an article for The Guardian, a newspaper I've been subscribed to since the age of fourteen. Five years later, my words were within the pages of paper I've scribbled on for half a decade. Life was finally working out.

I learnt the true definition of adult, and realised that not everybody I knew had reached that stage yet, and these final few weeks have shown to me (and the world) that one day this year, I grew up too.

As of March 2017, I am unable to call myself a teen blogger anymore, so maybe the adult in me had to come through. I grew up. I'm grown up. 

But still can't believe the year is over. I can't.
It's crazy.
But twenty seventeen is going to be crazier.

Quick apologies for the disjointed text above,but somehow the writing style that came out of my head for this post was reflecting my personal journey this year x
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